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The Complete List of Tesla Voice Commands for 2024

Updated: Apr 11

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Tesla's voice command system, designed for both new owners and seasoned enthusiasts. Tesla's innovative voice commands transform the driving experience by allowing you to control your vehicle hands-free. This feature enhances safety and convenience, letting you manage navigation, media, cabin temperature, and more with just your voice.

Our guide dives into the extensive list of Tesla voice commands, providing you with the knowledge to make every drive more enjoyable and efficient. From basic commands to hidden gems, you'll discover how to unlock the full potential of your Tesla.

For added convenience, a printable version of the complete list of commands is available via a link at the end of this blog. Join us as we explore the power of voice commands to make your Tesla experience smarter and safer.


Open Web

Open / Close Browser

Alternate Commands: Web Web Browser, Browser

Show Energy

Open / Close Energy App

Alternate Commands: Energy

Open/Close Phone

Phone connected # present: opens call list & keyboard.

Show/Open/Close Calendar

Shows the calendar when the phone is connected. If it’s not connected, it will ask to connect a phone.


Go to (website name)

Google Coffee near me

Searches Google for Local Coffee Shops


Loads in the browser

Search Google for (search term)

Opens the browser, brings up Google, and searches for whatever you say

Bug Reports

File Bug Report

Report Error

Take a screenshot

sends bug reports to Tesla

Climate Control

Turn On/Off Climate

Turns climate control on or off

Alternate Commands: [Aircon] [A/c] [HvAc] On/off

Set Driver/Passenger temperature to/at XX Degrees LO HIGH

Activate Bioweapon Defense Mode

Turns Bioweapon Defense Mode On/ Off

Alternate Commands: Enable, Engage.

Turn On Camp Mode

Turns on/off Camp Mode

Alternate Commands: Enter Camp Mode

Climate [Control], Aircon, A/C, HVAC, Fan [to] Auto (matic) [Manual]

Set HVAC/Climate/Fan [to] [Automatic/Auto] [Manual]

Keep [the] climate on/off

Say it before you get out of the car to maintain the same climate upon your return.

Alternate Command: Climate Keeper [on off]

Cool down the passenger.

Reduces temperature by 3F/1.5C, but both if synced

Direct airflow to my face

Enables face vents and sets Climate to Manual

Alternate Command: I’m Straight

It's a doggy dog world

Turns On/Off Dog Mode

Alternate Commands: Enter Dog Mode, Turn On/Off Dog Mode

How Low Can You Go

Sets temperature to LOW

I'm Cold

Increases temp by 3F/1.5C

Alternate Commands: Too Cold, Increase Temperature, Make it warmer

Take me up Stewart

Decreases temp by 3F/1.5C

Alternate Commands: I’m Hot, Too Hot, Decrease Temperature, Make it cooler

Increase Decrease fan speed by X

Does so and sets Climate to Manual. "to X" does not work.

Alternate Command: Slow fan by X

Increase/Decrease the temperature by X degrees

For example, increase the temperature by 1 degree.

Make me hot

Sets temperature to HI

My feet are cold /hot

Turns on footwell vents and sets Climate to Manual

Open/Show Close Hide HVAC/Climate, A/c] controls

Opens the Climate Control panel

Set fan speed to level X.

Sets fan speed

Set/Adjust/Move [driver/passenger/both] fan/air/vents [Left/Right/Up/Down/Middle] 

Saying "Driver's" works the same as “Both." If you have spread out the airflow, these commands combine it. Some or any of these might or might not work, depending on the model and build date of the car.

Sync Driver to Passenger (or vice versa)

XXX or YYY can be the Driver or Passenger.

Sync/Unsync Split [Climate] [HVAC] Turn on/off climate sync

Sync or un-sync the temperature for the driver and front passenger

Change Temperature to XX [degrees]

Sets driver & passenger to XX even if synced

Alternate Command: Temperature XX, Set HVAC/Aircon to XX [degrees]

Turn on/off floor, windshield vent.

Note: Turn on/off face vent starts/stops Climate.

I need some fresh air

Fresh Air turns off Recirc only if Climate is Manual.

Alternate Command: Turn on/off recirculate


Open Close Show Hide Autopilot Settings

Open Close/Show/Hide Charging Settings

Open/Close/Show/Hide Controls Settings

Open/Close/Show/Hide Display Settings

Open/Close/Show/Hide HomeLink Settings

Command 'HomeLink' shows configured links

Open HomeLink

Open/Close/Show Hide Lights Settings

Open Close Show Hide Locks Settings

Open/Close Show Hide Navigation Settings

Open/Close/Show/Hide Pedal & Steering Settings

Open/Close Show Hide Safety Settings

Open/Close/Show/Hide Service Settings

This also shows you tire pressures!

Open Close Show Hide Software Settings

Open Close/Show/Hide Trips Settings


Show mirror settings / Adjust left/right mirror.

Opens mirror-adjustment window

Adjust steering wheel

Opens steering-wheel-adjustment window

Similar Commands: Lower/Raise the steering wheel. Steering wheel in/out, Show steering wheel settings.

I Can’t See

Turns on interior Lights

Alternate Commands: Dome Lights off/on/auto, Turn on/off footwell/ambient lights just turns on or off dome lights, also sets them to Auto. Turn on/off the Bedroom/Dome/Cabin/Overhead Lights.

Fold/Unfold mirrors.

Alternative Commands: Close/Open mirrors, Mirrors fold/unfold

Screen is too dim!

Increases/decreases screen brightness by 30%.

Alternate Command: Increase/Decrease Brightness

Lock/Unlock doors


Lock/Unlock Windows

Locks rear window buttons

Alternate Commands: window locks on/off, enable/disable window locks

Open Frunk

Alternate Command: Open Front Trunk (Open Bonnet in UK)

Open The Glovebox

Alternate Command: Open Glovebox, Glovebox

Open/Close butthole

Alternate Command: Open/Close charge port, Open/Close Asshole

Open/Close Trunk

Note: Open Hatch (Model Y) opens the charge port.

Or Boot if the language is UK English


Saves Dashcam Footage

Alternate Command: Save Dashcam

Keep My Car Safe

Activates Sentry Mode

Alternate Commands: Enable/Disable sentry mode, Sentry Mode On/Off

Change Audio Source To Phone

Alternate Commands: Show/Close Bluetooth, Bluetooth

Show me the rear camera.

Show/Close/Hide Backup/Rear Camera

Alternate Commands: Rear camera. (In the UK, 'Backup' works better than ‘Rear’.)

Stop Dashcam

Stop dashcam recording 

(NOTE: Start Dashcam doesn't work, interpreted as "Start - cam”

Trap my kids in the car.

Turn on/off [Both /Left/Right] child locks

Unlock charge port

Alternate Commands: Release charge/charging cable

Heaters and Defrost

Defrost Rear Window

Turns on Rear Window Defroster (automatically turns off after 15 minutes)

Alternate Commands: Turn on Rear Defroster, Rear Defroster on, Turn on Rear Window Heater

Defrost Windshield

Turns on the front window defroster

Alternate Commands: Turn on Front Defroster, Front Defroster On, Defrost Windshield

Windshield Defogger On

Turns on the Windshield Defogger

Alternate Commands: Defogger On


Easter Eggs and Funny Commands

Ho Ho Ho

Opens Xmas Easter Egg

Eject driver or passenger seat

Will turn on that seat's heater to max.

Fold those things

Fold the mirrors.

Sing me a song

Will choose a random song to play.

Open pee pee hole

Opens the charge port

I got an itch

Opens the software update release notes.

Open up that ass 

opens the trunk.

Alternate Command: Open up that tree

Bye Felicia

pulls up your contact log.

Alternate Commands: I’m Gay, Red Alert.

Go down on me

Decreases the temperature by 3 degrees.

Alternate Command: Drop it like it’s hot.

Enable or disable life support

Turns on or off the climate control.


Entertain Me

Opens Arcade

Alternate Commands: Open Arcade, Arcade


Opens Disney+

Alternate Commands: Open Disney+, Show Disney+


Opens Netflix

Alternate Commands: Open Netflix, Show Netflix

Open Twitch

Opens Twitch

Show Entertainment

Opens the Entertainment Window

Tesla Tutorials

Opens Tesla Tutorials

Alternate Commands: Open Tesla Tutorials


Opens Theatre


Opens YouTube

Alternate Commands: Open YouTube, Show YouTube


Set Driver Seat Heater to High

Sets corresponding seat heater to the said intensity.

Alternate Commands: Set Passenger, Set Right Rear, Low Medium High

Front/Rear Seat Heaters On/Off

Sets appropriate seat heaters to High

Alternate Commands: Turn on Seat Heaters

Give Me (One/Two/Three) pieces of Bacon on the Driver/Passenger Seat

Sets corresponding seat heater to the said intensity.

My Butt is too Hot/Cold

Turns Up or Lowers The seat heater by one notch

Alternate Commands: Warm up my butt, My Butt is Cold

Seat Heaters On

Turns on all seat heaters to High Temperature

Set Front/Rear Seats to Low/Medium/High

Sets corresponding seat heater to the said intensity.

Show Seat Heaters

Opens Climate Control Panel

My Hands Are Cold

Turns On Steering Wheel Heater

Alternate Commands: Turn On Steering Wheel Heater, Steering Heater On/Off


Show/Display Release Notes

Displays the new release notes list.

Hello Tesla

Opens the specifications

Open Owner's Manual

Opens Owners Manual (must close manually)

Show me Tutorial

Pulls up the tutorial videos for your specific Tesla model

Show/Hide Odometer

Shows Trips Settings which includes the odometer and all trip odometers

Show/Hide Tire Pressures

Shows Service Settings, which includes tire pressures

What Can You Do?

Opens browser to Voice Commands Webpage and other links. Displays "Here is what I can do so far!"



Pauses and Resumes Play

Change to Source (Spotify, Radio, Bluetooth)

Changes audio source

Alternate Command: “Spotify, Radio,” Switch To (Spotify, Radio, Bluetooth)


Opens the USB Media Player, or restarts from where you left off

Increase/ decrease volume by X

Increases/decreases volume by X. "to X" increases by X.

Alternate Commands: Lower/Raise volume by X

Set volume to (1-11)

Sets volume, be careful 11 is Spinal Tap and very loud.


Mutes or Unmutes Audio

Open/Close Music

Opens or closes Media

Play (song, artist or playlist)

Plays song, artist, or playlist

Back That (whatever you want to say) Up

Changes song

Alternate Command: Skip Forward/Backward


[Let's] Go Home / Work

Alternate Commands: Take me home/to work, Navigate home/ to work

Where are the supercharger stations

Displays list within about 100 miles, including some non-Tesla

Alternate Command: [show] [Nearby] Superchargers

I Need a Drink

Brings up a list of local bars as possible navigation destinations

Alternate Command: Bar

Cancel/Stop Navigation

If you already have a route active on the screen, it will cancel the route.

Alternate Command: Goodbye

Drive to (address, favorite, etc)

Alternate Commands: Take me to, Where is..?, Navigate to

What Can I Eat?

Brings up a list of restaurants as possible navigation destinations

Alternate Command: Food


Brings up a list of gas stations as possible navigation destinations

Go to airport

Shows a list of airports

I'd like a burger please

Navigation displays a list of nearby burger restaurants.


Brings up a list of museums as possible navigation destinations

Mute / Unmute voice guidance

Mutes or Unmutes navigation voice guidance

Alternate Command: Voice control off/off

On the Road Again

Turns Satellite Visualization Off

Show Map

Makes the map full-screen, kills the backup camera

Show McDonald's (rest areas, other restaurants, etc)

Displays nearby McDonald's, etc, on the map

Show hide satellite view

Turn on/off satellite mode/view

Show/hide traffic [view]

Turn on/off the traffic [Display]

Take me to Tarje (Tar-Jay)

Navigation will pull up nearby Target locations

Zoom in out on the map

You can repeat this to zoom progressively

Alternate Command: Zoom In/Out X times


Call/Phone, followed by contact name/ number

Alternate Commands: Dial, Ring

Open/Close phone [app]

Opens/closes call menu when a phone is connected

Show Phone Messages

Displays call menu, requires a touch to display messages

Text (name, number)

Must first synchronize messages in Bluetooth settings.


Set wipers to (auto /1/2/3/4/off)

Alternate Command: Turn windshield wipers (auto/on/off/medium/high)

Slow down/Speed up windshield wipers

Changes speed up or down by 1

Alternate Command: Wipers Slower/Faster

Wipers Auto

Sets to Auto

Wipers Max

Sets Wipers to 4

Wipers Medium Fast

Sets to 2

Wipers Min

Sets Wipers to 1

Wipers On/Off

Turns On to 2/4 or Off.

Alternate Command: Turn On/Off windshield wipers

Wipers Slow

Slows by 1

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