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Taking Your Tesla on a Long Road Trip? Here are 7 Tips to Maximize the Experience

We don't admit enough –but road trips are some of the best therapy pills out there. A Tesla doubles the effect and adds a zippy, fun ride to it. Plus, who wouldn't want to spend zero on gasoline and make the planet safer? However, it would help if you planned your trip to ensure there were little to no interruptions. Here are trips borrowed from the best Tesla road trip fanatics worldwide.

Choose Convenient Charging Stations

Give yourself the best chances of finding great charging stations along your route by using apps like the Tesla in-built route planner. This app helps you map locations to find where to stop and charge your car.

Typical public charging stations come in handy, but the fact that they are public can bring up unforeseen issues. We recommend applying an extra layer of caution by bringing a mobile EVSE. The best ones have connectors that plug into a 50A RV (14-50) socket and a 15A regular socket.

Electric Vehicle Charger

Find Accommodations With Charging Facilities

Save time and charge your Tesla as you sleep. A little homework will help you find accommodations that offer this service. They'll likely charge you for it, but it saves you from waiting at a public charging station.

Also, slower charging is better for your car. You record zero mileage and pay cheaper than a fast charging option.

Check out the Plugshare app to find the best stations and a host of reviews to help you choose wisely. Plugshare also shows accommodations close to the charging stations. Remember to check for convenience stores and other rest stops, too.

Inspect Your Tires

A flat tire is such a party pooper and worse when you're hundreds of miles away from home. Long drives also build up lots of heat, so ensuring they are in the best condition before you leave is life-saving.

Check for pressure, cuts and cracks, foreign objects, bulges, and tread depth. Further, check for signs of misaligned wheels. One of the most telling signs is uneven wear across the tire's width.

You can't go wrong with aligning tires if you've bought new ones. If you need to replace two tires, put them on the rear wheels to help you navigate road wetness (just in case)

You can also set up a service appointment on the Tesla app.

Driving a Tesla Model 3

Optimize the Range

You're bound to develop range anxiety, so help yourself by considering factors affecting battery drain. Your Tesla road trip may have some steep ascents, or you'll cross through a wet day at a particular location. These aspects drain your battery faster.

Except for carrying additional chargers, choose routes that agree with the range of your car. Long-range teslas are great for poor weather conditions and hilly turns.

Alternatively, make use of Tesla's regenerative braking feature. Regenerative braking –casually referred to as Regen –enables Tesla drivers to drive without touching the brake pedal, reducing wear and tear on braking components, converting kinetic energy into electricity, and extending your range.

To utilize regenerative braking, learn regen's settings and experiment to find the most efficient option for your driving style. You activate regen in a Tesla by lifting your foot off the accelerator. The more you ease off the accelerator, the stronger the braking and the more kinetic energy is created.

You can find out how much energy you're using by looking at the power meter either in the instrument cluster for models S and X or the center screen in models 3 and Y. The center of the line is neutral. Anything to the left means you're generating energy, while the right means you're using it.

Plan for a Fun Tesla Road Trip

Plan for fun by availing of items that make your trip comfortable. The usual road trip essentials include snacks and water, toiletries, identification, money, a first aid kit, blankets, pillows, etc. And then there are the secondary items that allow you to feel at home in the middle of nowhere.

Luckily, teslas pack an excellent entertainment suite with built-in entertainment features, such as streaming music and videos, gaming, navigation features for finding attractions, and more.

Consider what you'd like to do while on your Tesla road trip and pack for it. If you intend to camp, bring a tent and the right accessories. The ideal packing list resonates with where you're going, how long you'll be there, and what you'll do.

Soap on Tesla Mirror

Clean Your Tesla

There's much motivation to clean your car before heating the road. For example, it's one of the cheapest ways to transform your Tesla's interior. Also, you enhance visibility, limit dirt accumulation, and freshen the interior.

Take out the trash, wash the floormats, clothing left there, and any item you won't need for the trip. Use a vacuum to remove pet fur and snack crumbs, blots, and smudges on the steering wheel and door handles, etc. Think of it as setting up a tiny home while on the road.

It may seem like a waste of time, but clean your exterior too. It'll take less effort and time to clean it once your Tesla road trip ends.

Plan for Rest

Teslas are made for road convenience, so you'll be tempted to drive longer than you should but it's a fatigue trap you should avoid. Strive to go for about 8 hours daily with 15-minute breaks after every two-hour drive.

You can spend part of the 15-minute break taking simple stretches. Lift your arms, extend them for about 20 seconds, and chill.

One More Thing

You deserve a fun Tesla road trip. The tips in this blog help you plan adequately for it so you won't regret packing your bags and leaving. A final layer of security is to tell a friend or loved one where you're going and when you plan to return.

Lastly, you can purchase Tesla accessories and install them before leaving to improve your Tesla road trip experience. Something as little as a floor mat can make a world of difference. Accessories for Tesla stocks are the best ones. Shop now.


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