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Ctrl-Bar Is The HOTTEST New Tesla Accessory. Here's Why.

Updated: May 24, 2023

Recently we were contacted by a company by the name of Greenmission, a start-up company based in Norway, who previously released an advanced wireless charger for the legacy model S and X. When we received an email to check out their new product, we really didn’t think it would be anything special since we receive so many emails of the same types of products over and over. But Boy were we wrong. We hopped on a video call with Greenmissions CEO for an exclusive look, and As soon as we were shown a picture of the product without hearing anything about it, Our team was already blown away and we're positive you will be too.

One of the things that make Teslas unique is its minimalist design, which minimizes the number of physical buttons in the interior, and completely gets rid of any kind of knobs, which helps the driver stay focused on the road. A lot of Tesla drivers appreciate this approach but from being a part of the Tesla community for quite some time, one complaint we hear more than anything is the lack of Physical buttons, and even though we love the minimalist design ourselves, we also agree there should be some sort of physical button or knob for something as simple as climate control. In fact, even stated that "Tesla's lack of physical buttons is one of the worst trends in the automotive industry right now”. but one very smart 18-year-old entrepreneur by the Vetle, is about to change the game forever.

This… is Ctrl-Bar

Crtl-Bar for Tesla Model 3

Now if that image doesn't get you excited as a Tesla owner, just wait until we tell you more about its features and also how you can get one before anyone else.

First, let's talk about the looks of this thing, we've tested plenty of Tesla Accessories, but one thing a lot of them fail at is integrating with the tesla in a way that keeps its OEM look and feel. You can see right away that Greenmission is a company that obviously gets it. I mean look at this thing, it looks like something Tesla themselves would make, and we bet someone whos never been in a tesla before, would think it's a part of the car with no questions asked. The thing looks beautiful and from what we were told by the CEO, it's built with high-grade materials, like actual glass and aluminum. But alright, enough about the looks since you can see the photos for yourself. Let's talk about what Ctrl-Bar can do.

Crtl-Bar for Tesla Knobs and Buttons

The main point of this product is to bring physical buttons to your Tesla. giving you two large knobs for climate control and four tactical buttons that can be customized to do things like turn on your seat heaters, activate dog mode, open the charge port, and even open your garage with MyQ.

It works by communicating with your tesla using Teslas API through Bluetooth. This means that unlike every other aftermarket accessory that controls your Tesla, there is no need to pull apart panels and covers on your tesla to add dongles and connectors to your OBD port. Just attach it to your screen and plug in a USB cable to the rear USB port, making the installation extremely simple and friendly for just about anyone.

Crtl-Bar for Tesla Connections and Commands

The Ctrl-Bar will have a small screen between the customizable buttons that will show real-time changes and other information. But a really cool feature is that with a subscription, it will check for nearby fixed speed traps and visually alert you when you're approaching. It can also give you an audible warning if you are driving above the speed limit. How cool is that?!

As you've seen in the introduction video, The Ctrl-Bar also features customizable LED lights that can be used for two things. One, it can be used to provide colorful ambient lighting at night, just like what comes in the latest BMW and Mercedes cars. YouTuber Mike Seuss previously made a video on LED Strips for Tesla and one of the main things people were concerned about was installing the lights, as the installation can be a bit intimidating for some. But with Ctrl-Bars' built-in LEDs, you can get a similar experience without the hassle right out of the box.

Ctrl-Bar for Tesla's LED Lights Feature

The LEDs can also be used as a bright white light to illuminate your center console and even the footwells, which can come in handy if maybe you dropped something on the floor or between the seats, or even if you need to find something deep within your center console.

I think the addition of these lights is a smart idea and only makes this product even better.

Lastly, Ctrl-Bar will regularly get over-the-air updates, taking user feedback into consideration to continuously bring you new features over time.

All of the videos and pictures We've shown you are of the prototype model, Greenmissions Manufacturers and Suppliers are ready to complete the Ctrl-Bar and get it into the hands of Tesla fans worldwide, but to make sure this happens, they need OUR support. So If you want to be the first to get your hands on this awesome product, you’ll need to head on over to INDIEGOGO using the link below to help fund and lock in your order.

When Greenmission reaches its fixed goal, The Ctrl-Bar is estimated to ship in June of this year. The first 25 people to order will get the Ctrl-Bar for 33% off, and The next 75 orders will get 20% off, while everyone else will receive 6% off. So if you want to be the first to get it for an insane deal, you’ll need to act fast by using the link in the description.

So what do you guys think? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. We personally think the Ctrl-Bar is the most innovative and useful Tesla add-on We've seen in a long time. If you guys are interested and want more info on this product, make sure to subscribe to the blog because We will be one of the FIRST to do an in-depth review as soon as we receive ours.

While you wait for your Ctrl-Bar, check out hundreds of other great Tesla Accessories at

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