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6 Mind-Blowing Facts About Tesla and Their Cars That You Didn't Know

Tesla vehicles are wildly popular and continue to add to their market share with consumers. However, there are still some facts about these vehicles that you probably don't know about. If you want to call yourself a true Tesla fan, then you need to learn everything that you possibly can about the company and the vehicles it makes.

1) Tesla Created the World's Fastest Electric Car in the World

Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla, is surely proud of his company's Tesla Roadster. It is the world's fastest electric car. The Roadster can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in just 1.9 seconds. Additionally, it can reach top speeds of up to 400 kmph. Even more impressive is the fact that it can travel up to 965 kilometers on a single charge.

The company hasn't stopped there just because it has a record-setter on its hands. Instead, they will be releasing the second-generation Tesla Roadster within the next year. Fans are going to flock to check out this vehicle, and they absolutely should. It's capable of accomplishing great things if it lives up to the standards the first-generation Roadster set out.

Collection of Tesla Model 3's

2) Tesla Collaborates With Famous People and Companies to Style Its Vehicles

Creating the ideal vehicle means making something that isn't just a utilitarian machine, but also something that is a work of art. This is why Tesla has partnered with several famous people to create its vehicles. The UK-based website known as Total Loss Gap reported the following:

Tesla cars are not only known for how technologically advanced they are but also for their style. Tesla's goal is to make the car stylish and functional to help future generations of electric vehicles grow in popularity. To do this, Musk has overseen several collaborations with well-known fashion brands such as Dior and Louis Vuitton. These collaborations have helped raise the Tesla brand's profile and put them in a class above other electric cars on the market today.

In addition, Tesla has partnered with entertainment companies such as Disney to allow owners to have the opportunity to watch special videos inside the car. The company also has a history of working with Warner Brothers. This is to offer even more entertainment options for its owners.

3) Founder Elon Musk Reportedly Slept at the Tesla Factory

Elon Musk has self-reported that he keeps a sleeping bag in his office at the Tesla factory. He sleeps there as necessary to make sure everything lives up to the standards he has set for the company. He wants to live by example, and that means doing everything that he would expect his employees to do as well. In other words, he goes above and beyond what you would likely expect from the owner and CEO of a company. However, Musk finds it all to be worthwhile. He wants everyone who works for him to believe in the same vision and goals that he believes in.

Tesla Dog Mode

4) Tesla Vehicles Have "Dog Mode"

Are you the owner of a four-legged furry friend? If so, then you know that you must do everything you can to keep them safe and comfortable while you are out and about. Sadly, many dogs suffer injuries or even death when they are left in a hot car. The people at Tesla are well aware of this fact. They wanted to do everything that they possibly can to help owners have peace of mind when they potentially have to leave their dogs in the car.

"Dog mode" is a setting on all Tesla vehicles meant to be used when the dog must be left out in the car for some time. This mode was introduced in 2019 and automatically regulates the temperature within the vehicle. This helps keep your dog safe and comfortable. On top of that, "dog mode" controls the audio system within the vehicle to let passersby know that the dog is safe and sound within the vehicle. This feature can control the temperature within the vehicle by turning up either the cooling or heating features within the vehicle.

5) Only Six Parts of a Tesla Vehicle Have to Be Replaced at Regular Intervals

With traditional vehicles, it is common to need to replace certain parts regularly. However, Tesla vehicles are simply built differently. reports that there are only six parts of this vehicle that need to be replaced a regular intervals. Those parts are the two windshield wiper blades and the four tires. Outside of that, all of the other components of your vehicle should hold up successfully for an extended period.

Tesla owners can avoid the significant costs that come with constantly having to replace various parts on their vehicles. It is yet another way that Tesla vehicles can save you money.

Tesla Model 3

6) Tesla Adds Easter Eggs to Its Vehicles

The company has a knack for putting so-called "Easter eggs" into its vehicles. These are hidden features that you wouldn't necessarily know were included within your Tesla vehicle unless you know that they are there. For example, one of the cool Easter eggs that you can check out within your vehicle is something known as "Rainbow Road mode". You can pull this up by pressing on the gear changer four times. When you do so, the road that appears on your navigation system will show up as a rainbow-highlighted road. It is just a visual choice that you can make that many find delight in.

There are other fun Easter eggs to enjoy within your Tesla as well. However, part of the fun is finding them on your own. Do some research and play around with the various features on your vehicle until you can unlock the Easter egg features that you want to unlock today.

These are just a few of the unusual and interesting facts you likely didn't know about Tesla. The company is dynamic and constantly changing. Also, one of the world's most interesting CEOs runs it. You can expect that there is even more that you might uncover related to this company and the vehicles it produces. Continue to learn about it to unlock even more secrets about Tesla.


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