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Why You Need Tesla Neck Headrests

Updated: May 24, 2023

This is not an article I would usually make on this blog, but since it's such a hot topic in the comment section of almost all of my videos, I couldn't ignore the fact that it's obviously something a lot of you are interested in, so today I'm finally going to cover the infamous tesla neck headrests.

Comments from Mike Seuss' YouTube Subscribers

Now, when I say these headrests are a hot topic in the comments, I'm not kidding, no matter what I make a video on, there's always someone asking about the headrests, as if they’re more important that the topic the video is about. So if you’re a subscriber of my YouTube channel, which you SHOULD be, you've probably seen a video I did on how to improve your driving comfort, where I featured these headrests alongside other comfort products in hopes that I could answer your questions about the headrests. But since the YouTube algorithm gods didn't see it as worthy, the video didn't get as much traction as expected and you guys are STILL asking about them in the comment section of my videos, so I decided to make a blog exclusively covering the headrests. Let's start with where I got them.

How I Got the Tesla Neck Pillows

E-mail to Mike Seuss from EV Premium Customs

Back when I started my channel in 2021 a company by the name of EV premium customs reached out to me to send me a pair of their headrests, they did not ask me to promote their product or pay me for any exposure. When I received them, they came custom embroidered with my name. I began to use them during long car rides and I love them so much they became of my everyday drives and can’t go without them. Here's why I love them so much and 4 reasons why you should definitely consider getting a pair.

Why You Need Them

You might say, they’re just headrests, what's the big deal, well there's actually a lot more into it than you think.

Tesla Neck Headrests Improving Comfort

First off, it's important to have a healthy posture while driving, by having your shoulders back and down, your neck elongated and stacked over the spine, your bottom well back into the seat, and your spine elongated and also well stacked.

Tesla Model 3 Fixed Headrests

Since teslas headrests are in a fixed position, most drivers are unable to get that healthy posture since the headrests cant be adjusted to custom fit the driver's head and neck positions to relax your neck and lessen the stress on your spine. This is where these headrests come to the rescue. Not only will they fix all of these issues but they can also prevent whiplash in case of an accident.

Some might say yeah yeah blah blah blah, but let me put it into simpler terms. And before I say this I want to let you know something, because for some reason every time I'm enthusiastic about a product and decide to share it in a YouTube video, everyone automatically thinks I was paid to do so product. So with that said I am NOT sponsored by EVPremiumCustoms, however, after using and loving the headrests, as any smart YouTuber would do, I did sign up for their affiliate program where I do earn a small percentage when a product is purchased through my link. I will never reccomend or try to sell anything I don’t believe is a great product. Anyway, These headrests seriously changed the game for me, they’re extremely comfortable and definitely made a huge difference on long road trips.

Tesla Neck Headrests in Tesla Model 3

Another thing I really like is how they match my Tesla's interior perfectly, even using the same vegan leather so that it looks like it's a part of the car. I have white ones but they also come in black as well. The quality is top notch and the inside is filled with adjustable memory foam inserts. I can not stress enough how comfortable these are. Oh and to install them all you need to do is slide them over your seats.

Where To Get Them

Now to answer all of the commenters who are invading my videos, you can get a pair right now for 20% off now by using the code MIKE SEUSS at EV Premium

And that's it, just wanted to give you guys all of the information once and for all. Now go enjoy your headrests, and if you’ve found this content useful, give this article a like and consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel at for more Tesla content. Until next time, Peace!

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