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Tesla Delivery Day Checklist 2024

Updated: Feb 19

So you've just ordered your new Tesla and are counting down the days. Pickup will be here before you know it. Here's everything you need to look out for on Delivery Day!

A - Verify pre-delivery vehicle records

  • Check for the correct full name and address on your paperwork.

  • Confirm the vehicle's VIN matches your paperwork.

  • Bring written or digital proof of your down payment having been made and the final payment details.

  • Bring a printed insurance card.

B - Exterior inspection

  • Inspect body exterior paint for defects.

  • Inspect vehicle underside (front and rear) for signs of scraping or damage.

  • Check for any obvious body panel misalignment or gaps. Especially the frunk gap, charge port, front and rear lights flush with hood/panels, glass roof panels aligned, and no leaks.

  • Inspect wheel rims for damage, and that all 4 valve stem covers on tires.

  • Inspect all glass for signs of distortion, scratches, or cracks.

  • Check for proper windshield and windshield trim installation.

  • Inspect all edges of the roof glass panel and rear window.

  • Test all doors to ensure they open and close without unreasonable effort or sound.

  • Check paint in areas such as door hinges, that are not visible when doors are closed.

  • Test opening and closing of the trunk with the auto-close button. The door should latch and seal automatically.

  • Test opening and closing of the frunk. Check paint in areas that are not visible when frunk and trunk are closed.

  • Check for the towing eye under the frunk mat, and that it can be easily removed.

  • Ensure door windows auto-close completely when doors are closed.

  • Check all front and rear exterior lights for signs of internal condensation.

  • With all doors open, inspect the weather seals around door gaps and windows. NOTE: Some deliveries have reported seals being "overlapped" incorrectly. This is easily fixed by hand in a few seconds, but worth noting.

C - In the driver's seat

  • Check for any error messages on the display screen.

  • Touch the "Tesla T" at the top of the screen to bring up the "About Your Tesla" window. Tap the unicorn drawing to access the Sketch Pad. Leave the Sketch Pad up for a minute to make sure there are no phantom touches happening on the display.

  • Gently test the driver and passenger door emergency release.

  • Check all 4 windows to ensure they open and close properly.

  • Make sure AC/Heat works at full power without strange noises.

  • Test the sound system to ensure all speakers are working (move fade/balance to all four points to verify) Test the steering wheel position controls to ensure proper operation.

  • Press the center of the steering wheel to make sure the vehicle's horn works.

  • Check windshield for distorted view.

  • Test the windshield wipers.

  • Test the rearview camera.

  • Check side mirrors for proper operation of folding and position adjustment (minimal noise).

  • Check sun-visor operation and mirror condition.

  • Check the rearview mirror for any warping or distortion.

D - Interior inspection

  • Inspect interior seat upholstery, door surfaces, dash, liner & carpets (including rear seats, frunk, and trunk).

  • Check the windshield and windows for ripples in the glass.

  • Check left and right clothing hook operation.

  • Check all seatbelts for proper operation.

  • Both front seats don’t squeak when moving (check all directions of motion).

  • Check the rear seats for proper fold-down operation.

  • Try to lift the bottom of the back seat to ensure it is securely attached to its base.

E - Connectivity inspection

  • Test connectivity in all USB ports (1 USB-A/1 USB-C in the front, 2 USB-C in the rear).

  • Check 12 volt DC receptacle has power.

  • Test connectivity of wireless phone charger.

  • Music streaming & phone streaming work, and radio reception is good.

  • Test both key cards to ensure they work on B-pillar. Keep one key card on your person in case the phone app does not operate properly.

  • Pair your smartphone with your vehicle over Bluetooth. Check functions work (unlock, precondition, etc)

F - Lighting inspection

  • Vanity mirror lights, Front overhead driver & passenger lights.

  • Rear overhead left & right sidelights.

  • Driver & passenger footwells, Driver & passenger door pockets.

  • Rear left & right door pockets.

  • Driver & passenger door puddle lights.

  • Console middle compartment light, Console rear compartment light.

  • All door latch button lights, All door window button lights.

  • Steering wheel control lights.

  • Glovebox light (check glovebox opening and closing).

  • Frunk light.

  • Trunk lights (2).

  • Foglights.

  • Headlights(low&high-beam).

  • Frontparklights.

  • Front turn signal lights, Left & right side turn signal lights.

  • Rear running lights.

  • Brakelights.

G - Inspect charging ability

  • Check the charge port door for proper operation and alignment.

  • Check the charge port indicator light.

  • Ensure the vehicle will accept a charge.

  • Check the mobile charging kit with cable. Test it to ensure it works and each connector charge, latch, unlatch

  • J1772 adapter.

  • NEMA 5-15 120v adapter.

  • NEMA 14-50 240v adapter

  • Test supercharger onsite.

H - Final Tasks

  • Ask your delivery specialist to make sure that your car is marked as DELIVERED in Tesla’s network. There have been reports of cars being delivered and the phone app doesn’t allow log in the following day.

  • Make sure you have copies of all paperwork necessary for good documentation of your purchase, including a copy of your signed purchase agreement. If your delivery specialist suggests that you can get your documents electronically on your Tesla account, ask for paper copies you can take with you anyway.

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DOWNLOAD and PRINT this list below!

Mike Seuss Tesla Delivery Checklist
Download PDF • 34KB

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11 comentarios

21 sept 2023

Thank you so much

Me gusta

10 sept 2023

Thanks :)

Me gusta

08 sept 2023

Thanks Mike for your video and all the information! I will pickup my first Tesla Model Y tomorrow. Hopefully everything will go through as showing in your video and list! lol.

Me gusta

17 feb 2023

I’m picking my first Tesla up tomorrow your videos are big help in preparing for the big day. Thank you so much. Thomas Polk

Me gusta

17 feb 2023

Very helpful list, thank you. Stylistic suggestion: instead of saying "going to want to" repeatedly say simply "should."

Me gusta

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