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Exploring Jowua's Innovative Tesla Accessories

We've had the privilege of reviewing a myriad of Tesla accessories throughout the years. A name that has consistently emerged, recommended by our dedicated followers, is Jowua. Today, We're thrilled to delve into some of their unique Tesla accessories. Let's dive into the first accessory.

1. Magnetic Car Seat Holder

Jowua Magnetic Car Seat Holder for Tesla

The magnetic car seat holders by Jowua transform the back of your Tesla's headrest into versatile MagSafe mounts. Ideal for mounting an iPad to entertain passengers during long journeys, these mounts can also serve as hooks for shopping bags or umbrellas. Jowua also offers a MagSafe-compatible tissue box that works seamlessly with this mount. For non-MagSafe devices, their universal magnetic rings make any device compatible. These mounts impress with their solid build quality and their ability to enhance your Tesla's functionality.

2. AirPods Charger Stand

Jowua AirPods Charger Stand for Tesla Model 3 and Y

The AirPods Charger Stand addresses a common issue for AirPods users. Despite having a wireless charging case, charging AirPods on Tesla's wireless pads is often futile. Jowua's charger stand ensures perfect positioning for charging, accommodating both standard AirPods and AirPods Pro with its rotatable design. This product is a must-have for just about $5.

3. Dual USB-C Hub with LED Light

Jowua Dual USB-C Hub with LED Light for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

Jowua's Dual USB-C Hub, designed for the refreshed 2021 Model 3 and Model Y, relocates USB-C ports to a more accessible spot in your center console. It features one 27W and one 18W USB-C output, along with three USB-A ports for diverse device compatibility. Its unique attribute is the integrated LED light, which is a boon in low-light conditions. This hub is compatible with Jowua's center console trays and comes in a version for pre-refresh models as well.

4. Portable Air Compressor

Jowua Portable Air Compressor

The Portable Air Compressor is a game-changer for Tesla owners. Compact yet feature-packed, this wireless compressor is easily rechargeable and comes with a large, user-friendly screen. It allows precise PSI settings to avoid overinflation and is designed to meet the high tire pressure requirements of EVs. The included shockproof case and various accessories make it an essential tool for every driver.

5. Tesla Gaming Controller

Tesla Gaming Controller by Jowua

Following the 2023.26 software update, Tesla owners can enjoy enhanced gaming experiences with these Bluetooth-connected Tesla Gaming Controllers. Featuring dual motor vibration, a six-axis gyro sensor, and AUTO-burst functionality, these controllers are compatible with various gaming consoles, including Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Their compact design makes them a perfect fit for Tesla storage.

6. Tesla 4 Port USB Dashcam Hub

Tesla 4 Port USB Dashcam Hub by Jowua

This 4-port USB Dashcam Hub for the Model 3 and Model Y is a compact solution to expand your USB connectivity. It supports a Tesla USB drive and three additional devices simultaneously, with high-speed data transfer capabilities. Its durable metal housing and heat dissipation design make it a reliable accessory for your Tesla.

7. 100W Car Charger for Tesla Model S/3/X/Y

Jowua 100W Car Charger for Tesla Model S/3/X/Y

Jowua's 100W Charger transforms your 12v charger into a dual USB-C and USB-A port, capable of fast charging large electronics. It features a zinc alloy housing with a silicone cover and gold-plated contacts for reduced resistance. The charger is equipped with multiple protection features, making it ideal for charging laptops, gaming consoles, or even the portable air compressor.

8. Magnetic Charging Cable USB-C to USB-C

Jowua Magnetic Charging Cable USB-C to USB-C

The Magnetic USB-C Charging Cable is a versatile accessory for any Tesla owner. With a rotating magnetic head, 60W power delivery, and a 480Mbps data transfer rate, this nylon-braided cable is both practical and durable.

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Jowua's 15 years of experience in engineering specialized accessories is evident in these products. Each item is thoughtfully designed to enhance the Tesla experience. I'm excited to incorporate these accessories into my daily routine and would love to hear your thoughts on them. If you enjoyed this content, consider liking and subscribing for more Tesla-related updates.


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