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Elon Musk confirms Tesla working on revisions for its Holiday Update V11 after consumer complaints

Updated: May 24, 2023

Tesla Update v11 User Interface
Tesla Update v11 User Interface

Following the launch of Software V11 and its enhanced user interface, Tesla appears to have heeded consumer complaints. According to a recent tweet from CEO Elon Musk on Twitter, several upgrades to V11's UI are on the way, perhaps to address some of the issues mentioned by drivers since the upgrade was released.

Tesla Raj, a Model 3 owner for more than two years, urged Musk to restore the option to delete sources in V11. The Model 3 owner included a little film regarding his complaint and Musk immediately responded by saying that "many UI changes" are on the way.

Tweet from Elon Musk

Tesla's V11 update was quite extensive. Blind-spot camera feeds were added, as well as the ability to modify waypoints, along with interesting features such as a customizable Light Show. The upgrade, however, also introduced a completely redesigned user interface, and this was where the complaints began. Some Tesla drivers took to Internet forums to provide instructional videos on how to revert back to the old UI.

One of the most common complaints among Tesla drivers was that certain vital features and information that were only a touch away in V10 have been moved to a more advanced level. This includes accessing trip details and turning on seat heaters, which required fewer taps than they previously did. These extra steps were widely decried, with some drivers claiming that the modifications might actually put them at risk.

Tesla was also attacked for designing V11 in such a way that entertainment apps like Tesla Theater and Tesla Arcade have dedicated icons on the infotainment screen, while functional vehicle-related functions such as trip information and wiper activation do not. This was particularly amusing because features like Tesla Arcade are useless when the car is in Drive mode. Overall, while Tesla owners liked Software V11's new capabilities, they felt it wasn't implemented very well.

In some respects, Tesla's rollout of its Software V11 and the public outcry that followed are reminiscent of what Apple went through when it released iOS 7 in 2013. When compared to the more lifelike, three-dimensional icons of iOS 6, many Apple fans despised the appearance of iOS 7. Bugs were discovered immediately after its launch, however over time, iOS 7 was improved and optimized, with users eventually accepting its design and new features. Perhaps with future improvements, Tesla can replicate this for V11 software.

Tweet from Drive Tesla

Tesla has yet to announce an official release date for these upcoming upgrades, but Tesla Raj will be looking forward to it. "I'm excited about all of this," he said in his video before thanking Musk and adding, "You're my hero."

If you need assistance adjusting to the new UI, have a look at Tesla owner Mike Seuss' helpful video below!

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