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Introducing the SILVEL 5KW-8KW All-in-One Portable Diesel Heater – the epitome of efficiency and convenience in portable heating solutions.

Rapid Heating System: Engineered with a unified aluminum body, our heater integrates the combustion chamber and heat dissipation areas to ensure swift and uniform heat distribution. This robust construction guarantees not only a rapid rise in temperature but also promises an extended service life, standing the test of time.

Intelligent Temperature Control: Experience consistent warmth with our air diesel heater's intelligent overheating sensor. This advanced feature safeguards against running dry and ensures maintenance of a steady temperature. Furthermore, our heater offers smooth automatic room temperature control, complete with easy-to-set temperature presets, for optimal comfort.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: Our commitment to a peaceful environment is reflected in the design of our silent fan and the implementation of an upgraded low-frequency pulse with minimal vibration in our oil pump. These enhancements work in unison to significantly diminish operational noise, offering an exceptionally quiet performance.

Versatile Application: The SILVEL portable diesel heater is an incredibly versatile unit suitable for a variety of settings including cars, sedans, trucks, caravans, ships, and more. Its compact and portable design makes it an excellent choice not only for vehicle heating but also for enhancing the comfort of homes and shops.

Effortless Installation: Designed with user convenience in mind, our diesel parking heater features an integrated oil tank, heater, and fuel pump, streamlining the installation process. The flexible mounting options allow for easy placement at the bottom of the cabin, in the trunk, or within a container, facilitating a seamless integration into your space.

Elevate your heating experience with the SILVEL 5KW-8KW All-in-One Portable Diesel Heater, where sophistication meets practicality.

SILVEL 5KW-8KW All-in-One Portable Diesel Heater

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