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                                  Want to show off your Cybertruck rims without exposing their core? Introducing our latest Cybertruck accessory, the cyberCaps!                                             
  • Includes: 4pc Set of Carbon Fiber CyberCaps
  • Durable and Lightweight: These rim covers are crafted from a blend of carbon fiber and high strength PETG. The result is something very strong that feels incredibly light. This provides the strength to protect your wheels against the toughest conditions, while being light enough to enhance performance.
  • Thoroughly Tested: We scrutinized over every detail of these covers, and went through countless iterations to arrive at something that not only looks great, but attaches perfectly to the Cybertruck rims. And with hundreds of miles of testing, we guarantee these will work for you.
  • Easy to Install, Easy to Remove: The installation process is quick and easy. Simply line up the caps with your rim and press firmly. Once inside, the clips will hold it tightly in place. We also designed it to be easily removable with a screwdriver or Allen wrench. No special tools required.

Wheel Caps for Tesla Cybertruck - Carbon Fiber Rim Center Aero Covers (4pc)

SKU: B0D1FP66C4e4t6gfdsdef

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