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                                  CDEFG 2024 Cybertruck Center Console Cover for 2024 Cybertruck Accessories Center Armrest Extender Middle Console Extender Pad Arm Rest Support  Compatible with:  2024 Tesla Cybertruck.  Material:  Leather  Available Colors: Black     Package Contents: 1 x 2024 Cybertruck Console Cover  Why the 2024 Cybertruck Owners Should Have This Console Cover Installed?1. Hide the hideous tears on your 2024 Cybertruck armrest, cover the ugly scratch on it. Make your 2024 Cybertruck console look brand new.2. This 2024 Cybertruck console cover helps protect from dirt and cracks, save your 2024 Cybertruck middle console from scratch and damage from your dog paws and sweating on it.3. The armrest cover is solid and durable, it stays in place.4. Help care your 2024 Cybertruck console armrest, adds comfort to your 2024 Cybertruck armrest.5. A great add-on for your dogs to dirty the cover than the factory 2024 Cybertruck console armrest.6. Keep your arm rest clean and save you from the mess of your damaged console. 7. Easy to put on the armrest, it does not affect opening or closing the 2024 Cybertruck armrest. 8. Soft and comfy material, nice touch feeling.                                             
  • ✅ 【Custom Fit】 This console cover fits for 2024 Cybertruck. Give your console a bit of decoration to make you feel comfy, wear resistant and tear resistance. Durable enough to prevent your 2024 Cybertruck from pet caws, dirt and sticky fingers. Make your interior console look luxury. A Must Have Accessory for the 2024 Cybertruck owners!
  • ✅ 【Protect the Armrest】 The factory 2024 Cybertruck leather armrest will get damaged and tear in the hot sun. It’s really annoying. This 2024 Cybertruck center console cover can protect the tops and sides of the console and hide the ugly tear in the leather, providing a soft and comfy protective layer to rest your arm instead.
  • ✅ 【Scratch Resistance】 The 2024 Cybertruck console may be full of scratch because some dogs like to sit on the console in the car. This 2024 Cybertruck armrest cover helps protect the factory armrest from being scratched by your dog’s paws and nails and provides a comfy seat and protection. Protect your arm from sweating on the console on long drives.
  • ✅ 【Make Your Armrest Comfort】 The 2024 Cybertruck armrest cover was made of superb leather material, soft and comfy enough to rest your arm and elbow. Keep the 2024 Cybertruck console clean from oi and sweat off your arm. Easy to wipe down the dirt left from your dogs waking back and forth. It’s better to dirty the cover than the factory armrest.
  • ✅ 【Easy to Install】 This 2024 Cybertruck armrest cover is very easy to install and stays in place, it does not move around. Does not interfere with armrest box opening or closing. Give your 2024 Cybertruck console lid a great protection!
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Tesla Cybertruck Center Console Cover with Cupholders

SKU: B0D3XL5FVLe4t6gfdsdef

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