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Tesla Update 2023.12.1 FINALLY Fixes our BIGGEST Complaints

Updated: May 24, 2023

Tesla just dropped another software update, version 2023.12.1 with several new features and improvements for their vehicles that are pretty big in our opinion, The most notable improvement is the ability to customize the steering wheel. We're a few days late but if you didn’t get yours, We're going to cover all the features for you.

Phone Call Controls

Tesla Update 2023.12.1 Phone Call Controls

The first new feature brings the ability to use phone call controls by using the steering wheel scroll buttons to answer or decline incoming calls, mute or unmute yourself, and hang up the call. I think this is a great feature because it allows you to keep your hands on the wheel while driving, I hated the old way of using the interface for this. Great job Tesla.

Text Size

Tesla Update 2023.12.1 Change Text Size

The next new feature is something so many people have been asking me how to do, and that's the ability to change the text size. Just recently someone asked me if it were possible to change the font size and I replied that it wasn't possible, then just two minutes later I received this update. So to that person who asked, if you’ve subscribed and are watching, I'm happy to say that it's now possible. Just go to your controls, select display, and then text size, You can choose between standard and large.

Scroll Wheel Customization

Tesla Update 2023.12.1 Scroll Wheel Customization

This next feature is my favorite, if you guys have been subscribed to my channel, you know that I added the Tesla S3XY buttons to my Tesla to bring quick access to settings like changing from chill to sport mode and doing things like opening the glovebox and fold the mirrors with a tap of a button rather than having to open up the menu on the touchscreen using multiple taps while driving just to do simple things. Well, Tesla FINALLY figured out how to integrate this into the car with scroll wheel customization. Now you can long press the left scroll button to bring up a list of functions such as changing brightness, opening the glovebox, changing acceleration mode, saving dashcam footage, changing temperature, defrosting, fan speed, viewing the cameras, and turning on the dome lights. Go to Controls > Display > Scroll Wheel Function to choose which function comes up by default. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest and most useful updates since last year's holiday update, do you agree? let me know in the comments below.

Controls Search

Tesla Update 2023.12.1 Controls Search

You can use search for quicker access to controls and settings, Go to Controls > Search and enter a search term. Make changes directly from the result or tap the link to jump to that panel in Controls.

Gear Chimes

Tesla Update 2023.12.1 Gear Chimes

Another feature added was chiming for when you shift gears, I'm not sure exactly why this was added but the sounds are pretty cool when going from park, to drive to reverse. You can turn this on or off by going to controls, safety, and then gear chimes.

Passenger Seat Controls

Tesla Update 2023.12.1 Passenger Seat Controls

For you Model S and X owners, you can now Adjust the passenger seat from the rear touchscreen to make entering or exiting the rear seat easier. I don’t own a Model S or X so I'm unable to show you, however, to access the passenger seat controls, tap the seat icon on the rear touchscreen. Hold one of the arrows to move the passenger seat forward or backward.

Points of Interest

Tesla Update 2023.12.1 Points of Interest

Another cool feature that I like and was on my wish list is now being able to see photos and reviews of places you enter in your GPS or at Supercharger stations. Just select a place that is a point of interest and you’ll now get a pop-up of the places reviews and multiple photos which you can scroll through just like if you were using google maps on your mobile device. Thanks, Tesla!

Voice Recognition Language

Tesla Update 2023.12.1 Voice Recognition Language

There is a new voice recognition language and that is British English, To update your voice recognition language, go to Controls > Display > Voice Recognition Language and choose an option from the list.

Speed Assist

Tesla Update 2023.12.1 Speed Assist

The last update is for Tesla owners outside of the US. Your Tesla can now read speed limit signs which improves the accuracy of speed limit data on local roads and highways in select countries. Detected speed limit signs will be displayed in the driving visualization.

Undocumented Updates

Now those are all of the updates from the Release notes, but there are a lot more undocumented changes as well. I will quickly go over these.

Parked Visualization

Tesla Update 2023.12.1 Parked Visualization

You can now rotate your Tesla that's on-screen when parked, letting you view the car from different angles.

Nav Improvements

Tesla Update 2023.12.1  Nav Improvements

when searching for destinations, each one will now display the distance in miles or kilometers from your current location

Adjust Wiper Speed

Tesla Update 2023.12.1 Adjust Wiper Speed

You can now adjust the wiper speed using your scroll wheel after activating the wipers using the button on the left stalk.

App Drawer

Tesla Update 2023.12.1 App Drawer

The app drawer now shows all available options, Previously, options such as Frost Defrost and Wipers only showed up when you were customizing the launcher.

Charging Screen

Tesla Update 2023.12.1 New Charging Screen

The charging screen has been updated, removing the car image with a larger sliding bar.

"New" Labels

Tesla Update 2023.12.1 "New " Labels

And lastly, there are now badges that say NEW next to all new features after an update in the menus.

And that's about it! I was excited about these new features and had to share them with you. What do you think of these features? Did you get the update yet? Also, what are some features on your wish list? Let us know in the comments below!

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