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8 MAJOR Benefits of owning a Tesla in 2022

Updated: May 24, 2023

Tesla vehicles are not only famous for their zero-emission capabilities and self-driving abilities. In 2022, consider these eight incredible Tesla benefits.

Hey guys, it's Mike Seuss and today's video is for all of you who are considering buying a Tesla as their first EV. We’re going to talk about all the awesome benefits and advantages of owning a tesla versus a traditional gas-powered car, so grab a snack and let's go!

Ok so with gas prices on the rise and every car company starting to make the transition to electric, there's been a lot of interest in electric cars, most notably tesla. Most people are looking to make the switch to save on gas, which is a good reason, however, there are so many more advantages than just that, and today I'm going to let you know ALL of these advantages we well as any disadvantages (if I can find any) Also, because all cars are becoming more advanced each day with upgraded technology and features, in the video I will only be discussing things that are exclusive to Teslas only.


First, we’ll start with the design and operation of the car. Teslas are designed to be minimalistic with ease of use so that you can focus on driving and being safe on the road. Tesla does this by removing unnecessary mechanical buttons and obstructions from the interior and integrating everything into a 15-inch touch screen that can be customized to display your most used buttons for easy access. The only mechanical buttons you’re left with are for window and door operation and two multi-use scroll wheels on the steering wheel to control various features. Windshield wipers, turn signals, and gear selectors are also attached to the steering wheel as they would normally be on a regular car.

A slight disadvantage would be getting used to using the touch screen to locate and use specific buttons, but as with anything, once you get used to it you won't even have to think twice.

Another thing when it comes to ease of use is being able to forget about your keys, what I mean is, with a Tesla there is no physical car key, with your smartphone being a wireless key. You can unlock and lock your doors just by walking up to or walking away from your car. When entering, there is no key to insert or any push-to-start button, just simply sit in your and it automatically knows who is driving and sets your mirrors, settings, seat, and steering wheel adjustments. It's so convenient being able to just walk up to your car, get in and go.

With the tesla app, you can remotely lock and unlock your car, lower or raise the windows, open the trunk and frunk, flash your lights and honk the horn from literally anywhere in the world. I'll talk about some other important things you can do with the app later in this video. If you’re wondering about what happens if your phone dies, All teslas come with two card keys that can be used instead in case this happens.


Just about every car made since 2014 includes some sort of infotainment screen with options like satellite radio and navigation, and with the addition of apple car play and android auto can take things even further by adding customized apps to enhance your driving experience. While this is great to have in your car, Tesla takes it to a whole new level. First by incorporating a 15-inch touch screen. With enough space on the screen to see multiple things such as navigation, speed, surrounding traffic and objects, and your current multimedia. All at the same time!

This matters because it lets you pay attention to the road without having to use your hands to switch through different apps on your phone while driving. Everything is visible and leveled to your line of sight. For those of you who like to take road trips, you can watch content on apps such as youtube, Disney plus, Netflix, Hulu, and even twitch and TikTok! If you have kids or are just a kid at heart, video games are included as well, with greats such as sonic the hedgehog and Cuphead. And if you ever need to get on the internet, teslas include a full-featured internet browser as well.

Not only are these features and advantages over traditional cars, but the technology is far better than other EVs as well. The infotainment system is fluid and lightning-fast without any hiccups or freezes. The great thing about all of this is if you subscribe to premium connectivity. Your tesla will be directly connected to the internet at all times, which means you won’t even need your cell phone present to do anything I've mentioned, you can’t get that with apple car play or android auto.


Ok so yes having the coolest entertainment features crazy performance and no maintenance is great but the most important thing to look out for when shopping for your next car is how safe your car will keep you in all different kinds of situations.

The most overlooked feature of teslas is its amazing safety features. Let's run down some features and how they help Teslas become the safest commercial car in the world. That's right, Tesla cars received full 5-star ratings in every single category from the national highway traffic safety administration AND the insurance institution for highway safety. How? one of the main reasons is teslas have no engine in the front meaning the steel and aluminum will absorb most of the impact before it's transmitted to the driver and passenger.

Teslas have a low center of gravity due to its battery being located on the bottom of the car, weighing it down and preventing the car from rolling over, giving it a rollover risk of only 8% which is the lowest of any SUV ever built.

The Roof can withstand 6 times its weight, that's over 20,00 pounds or equivalent to 5 model 3’s making it the most durable roof on any commercial production car, ever.

And lastly, Teslas have a total of 8 cameras, which act as an extra set of eyes, and can detect cars, objects, and even pedestrians, looking out for hazards on the road as you drive and can have the car act upon these hazards to by either breaking the car or having it maneuver it out of the way to prevent accidents.

These things are just a few features, if you’re interested in more details, make sure to check out my video on how tesla makes the safest cars in the world.


Cars get old and so do their features and technology. Not only do teslas last, but they stay fresh and constantly receive new features with over-the-air updates. Not only can you update the software to give you new features like new streaming services, video games, and new features that didn't even come with the car when purchased, for instance in a previous update, we received, blindspot cameras, remote video of the 7 cameras from your phone, a boombox feature which lets you remotely speak from your cellphone to your exterior speaker from anywhere in the world.

But the cool part is that your infotainment screen is connected to almost every single mechanical part of your car, so not only can you receive updates to entertainment features but you can update parts of the car itself. For instance a while back the tesla came with a certain amount of horsepower, then an update came out to make your car even faster by updating the battery and mechanics of the wheels.

It can also update safety features and fix any issues you may experience. And when it comes to autopilot, updates continue to make the car smarter and safer in more complex situations.

So instead of owning a normal car and having to wait for the next model every 4 years just to get new features and performance. The tesla continues to evolve itself.

Before we move on to our next 4 Tesla Benefits, I just want to mention that if any of you have already put an order in for a Tesla and are waiting on delivery. You can improve and protect your Tesla from day one by getting some important must-have Tesla accessories, like a screen protector, weatherproof floor mats, console organizers, cleaning products, and many more must-haves. For more details make sure to check out my must-have accessories video right here, which features my top 13 accessories. Also make sure to check out my website where you can get all of these products as well as Tesla apparel, and tesla news and updates. Ok, now back to our next four Tesla Benefits.


With the way gas prices are nowadays, it's no wonder EVs are becoming a more logical choice when buying a new car. If you didn't know, teslas are fully electric, which means no more spending insane amounts of money to get to work or having to go to sketchy gas stations. When owning a Tesla all you need to do is plug your car in at home and let it charge, depending on how much you drive you can even charge your car using a regular outlet with no need to upgrade to a wall charger. I've been charging my tesla at home with the included wall charger since I bought it over a year ago. Now, of course, this will increase your electric bill, but in my experience, since owning the car it only went up about 15-20 bucks a month. Overall saving me about $1,350 per year compared to my previous car which was a Mercedes c300. That's about $112 per month.

Depending on which Tesla you buy, you can get up to 396 miles of range with a full charge. And when you're out and need to fill up, you can use Tesla's supercharger network which lets you get 200 miles in just 15 minutes. There are over 30,000+ superchargers and more constantly being built every day.

I've been on many long road trips and never had to worry about running out of charge or even running low. Most likely there's one right where you live. If you guys want some in-depth details on how it works make sure to check out my video on Tesla superchargers.


Now, this is the fun one. Before I talk about the performance of these cars, let me give you a little bit of background on myself. To put it in short, I absolutely love performance cars. I like to be able to race and track my cars and just have a great driving experience overall. My previous cars include the Eclipse GSX, Mercedes C63, and an Alfa Romeo 4C, Also, I used to be a member of a well-known car club where I would regularly attend track events and rallies across the US. Not only being able to drive my cars but experience other supercars as well.

If you’ve been subscribed to my channel from the beginning you’ll know that I purchased my Tesla while I was in the market for a Porsche. It just took one simple test drive for me to make my decision on the Model 3 Performance.

Because teslas are powered by electricity, acceleration is instant, meaning when you hit the pedal, full power is delivered straight to the motors and wheels instantly, making these cars much faster off the line than your average car. My Tesla has a 0-60 time of just 3.1 seconds, which is insane. Even if you buy the long-range model 3, you have a 0-60 time of 4.2 seconds which is still much faster than your average gas-powered car in its class. And If you go for the Model S PLAID, you get a 0-60 in 1.99 seconds which makes it the fastest production car ever made.

Now, as some of my followers might know. I Did end up buying a Porsche a few months after buying my tesla, and it's an awesome driving machine, but my model 3 still outperforms it when it comes to speed and that says a lot.

Not only are Teslas fast, but they also handle light lightweight sports cars, and putting your tesla in “track mode” lets you take it on the track without any upgrades.

So when buying a tesla your getting a practical 4-door sedan, with lots of storage space and can comfortably fit your family and STILL demolish almost any sports car on the road.


Another awesome benefit of owning a Tesla is that there is no maintenance needed to own these cars, since is no engine present, there is no need for oil changes, fuel filters, spark plug replacements, or emission checks. Even brake pad replacements are rare because regenerative braking returns energy to the battery, significantly reducing wear on your brakes. Therefore Teslas require no annual maintenance whatsoever. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is replacing your air and cabin filters which only need to be replaced every 2-3 years. Tesla also recommends replacing the A/C desiccant bag every 6 years. So not only are you saving money on gas, but you’re also saving money on expensive oil changes, emission checks, brake pads, and other maintenance services required when owning a traditional gas-powered car.


Teslas have so many great features but some of the most important are their security features. As mentioned in the Safety section of this video, Teslas are equipped with 8 cameras. These cameras are not only used for safety but security as well. You see, teslas are equipped with something called Sentry Mode, and what it does is it allows the tesla to record its surroundings while you’re away. When you park your car in a location away from your home, sentry mode can be activated to protect your car from intruders, it works by flashing its headlights when someone gets near your car sort of like a warning, then your infotainment screen will display a message to let outsiders know that the car is recording their every move. Not only will the cameras begin to record activity, but it will also notify you via the smartphone app, and from there you can open the app and view a live feed of your cameras and also speak through the app to your teslas exterior speaker, letting anyone know you see them. Exactly like how the ring door cam works for your house.

If you’re not able to get to your phone, once you return to your car the system will let you know of any detected activity while you were away and gives you the option to view the recorded footage right away. You are also able to do things like limit the cars access for valet by disabling most of the car's features, including, shutting off Bluetooth and wifi, hiding personal information, locking the glove box, trunk, fronk, and limiting the speed it can be driven, all of which can be controlled from the smartphone app as well.


So guys that about wraps it up, if you’re in the market for your next vehicle, there shouldn't be any reason why you are not considering a Tesla. They’re packed with features, have no maintenance, save you money in the long run, and are a blast to drive. Will you be picking one up? Let me know in the comments, also If there is anything I missed make sure to let me know as well.

If you enjoyed this content make sure to like this post and subscribe as it helps support me and motivates me to continue making great informative Tesla content in the future. And don't forget to check out for great Tesla Accessories, Apparel, News, and Updates. Until next time, Peace out!

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