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40amp 240v Level 2 EV Charging Station for Tesla

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Maxpeedingrods level 2 EV 240V 10kw home charger can work 7X faster than a normal wall outlet. equipped with NEMA 14-50 connector, J1772 TYPE 1 standard connector, so it’s compatible with Tesla vehicles with American standard AC charging interfaces.

The App allows your vehicles to be charged during off-peak periods by setting charging time, saving money on electricity bills. And, it allows you to adjust the charging current range from 6 to 40A, check charging miles and costs, view charging history, get fully-charged notifications, track all data of charging status and check the price difference between oil and electricity.

Under Voltage protection, Over Voltage protection, Overload protection, Over-Temp protection, Short Circuit protection, Ground protection, Earth Leakage protection, and Lightning protection.


This charging unit can operate in environments of -30℃ to 55℃ (-22°F to 131°F). The connector operating life is up to 10000 times. The NEMA TYPE 4 waterproof case and solid 16ft cable, make it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

The  AC electric car charger is simple and easy to mount on a wall or pole, if the socket is prepared, the charging station can be installed in 15 minutes. And, our hotline service can offer technical support to help our customers resolve their problems within 24 hours.

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