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Color: For Model 3 Highland 2024
Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Brand: KWJNH

The buttons can quickly control the corresponding function information of the original car.There is a built-in 18650 battery (not included) to power the button system. When the battery is out of power, you need to connect the power supply to charge the battery. The power can be charged from the charging port of the armrest box or the charging port of the docking station installed, or you can As a power supply method.
When the buttons appear insensitive or inactive, the battery may be low. Please charge it in time. The indicator light will show red during charging. When it is fully charged, the indicator light will go out and it is fully charged.
The storage box can be used to store mobile phones, cards, ETC temporary cards and other items to expand storage space.
ETC equipment can be placed. There is a magnetic suction function on the top. Stick the magnet sheet on the bottom of the ETC box and place it in the magnetic suction area.
When you need to upgrade the firmware, for Android systems, scan the QR code to download the software. For iOS systems, directly search "Special Ball" in the app store to download the software, click Firmware Upgrade, and wait until the upgrade prompt is completed. (Note that no upgrade is required under normal use)

Under Screen Storage Box and Behind Screen Tray Organizer 2024 Tesla Model 3 H

SKU: B0CR1HWK8Ve4t6gfdsdef

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