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Introducing Teslogic – the ultimate solution for Tesla Model 3 and Y drivers who miss having a dashboard in front of their eyes! Our team understands that not having a traditional dashboard can be uncomfortable and unsafe. That’s why we created Teslogic - a device that turns your phone into a full-on dashboard! With just a small Teslogic transmitter connected to your car and our app installed on your phone, you can enjoy a comfortable and safe driving experience. Our set includes a phone holder that can be easily attached behind the steering wheel. Use your phone as a portable instrument cluster, making it easy to stay up to date with all of your car’s essential information. And to ensure you never run out of battery, choose our kit that comes with a wireless charger. Enjoy all the benefits of convenient and safe driving with Teslogic. Get yours today!

Teslogic Mobile Instrument Cluster for Tesla Model 3 / Y (21+)

SKU: B0BY9H3JB9ASIN‏e4t6gfdsdef