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The Spigen 2-in-1 Hydrohub Adjustable Cup Holder Expander is a versatile and practical accessory designed for use in Tesla Model 3 and Y cars. This unique product serves two functions: it expands the size of the existing cup holder and provides additional storage space for small items. With this product, drivers and passengers can keep their drinks secure and easily accessible while also having a convenient place to store their phone, keys, or other small items.


The Hydrohub is made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. The body of the expander is constructed from a sturdy plastic material, and the cup holder insert is made from soft and flexible silicone that can expand to fit a variety of cup sizes. The cup holder is also designed to prevent spills and leaks, with a deep groove that catches any liquid that might accidentally spill.


The adjustable design of the Hydrohub allows it to fit snugly into the existing cup holder and expand to accommodate different-sized cups and bottles. The product also features a unique storage compartment located beneath the cup holder, providing ample space for storing small items such as keys, coins, or a phone. The compartment is covered by a sliding lid to keep items secure and hidden from view.


In addition to its functionality, the Hydrohub features a sleek and modern design that complements the interior of the Tesla Model 3 and Y. The carbon-fiber texture and matte finish give the Hydrohub an elegant and sophisticated look that adds to the overall aesthetic of the vehicle.


Overall, the Spigen 2 in 1 Hydrohub Adjustable Cup Holder Expander is an essential accessory for Tesla Model 3 and Y drivers who want to keep their drinks and small items organized and within easy reach. Its durable construction, spill-proof design, and stylish appearance make it an excellent addition to any vehicle.

Spigen 2 in 1 Hydrohub Adjustable Cup Holder Expander for Tesla Model 3 and Y

SKU: B09VQ4VKKDe4t6gfdsdef

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