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Brand: OtriFowd
Color: Gray
Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car
Material: Aluminum
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 14 x 6 x 16 inches

【Retractable Full Coverage Sunshade】It is all-round upgrade from the traditional roof sunshades. With FullShade, changing your roof into a moonroof become possible. Unlike fabric sun shades, FullShade allows users to open or close anywhere and anytime. You will never need to deal with setup and removal in every day driving.
【Block Sunlight & Reduce Heat Transfer】The newly upgraded double-layer honeycomb structure fabric is made of PET molecular material combined with aluminum foil. Together, they make the curtain strong and stable, achieving 100% sunlight block out and 85% less heat transfer. Thanks to the innovative material we use, it keeps cabin temperature at a reasonable level and largely reduces AC usage and extends battery mileage.
【Close or Open at Anytime and Anywhere】Magnets closure is used to make sure the front and rear curtains close tightly without any gaps, and leaves no space for slide opening or noises along the ride. Once set up, you can open or close, and decide how much sunlight to let in. It will no longer be an all-or-nothing game! Slide close it to enjoy a chill ride on hot summer days. Slide open it to view starry nights.
【Finely Integrated into the Car Roof】 FullShade integrates into the car roof perfectly with a nice appearance and a perfect fit. The frame body is curved to match the roof shape, so it does not sag like traditional fabric shades; it won't make any noises when driving.
【Damage-free Installation】The entire FullShade is attached to the roof totally using insert chips and clips without any tools that may leave permanent damage to the car. We have the installation guide video about model 3/Y. If you have any problem about product, delivery or installation, please feel free to contact us.


model y-new

As Tesla owner, I love the Tesla driving experience, the acceleration, the system and the look of the car.

But the heat coming through the huge glass roof often caused me headaches in the summer.

It's easy to find a foldable fabric roof sunshade. But to me, the constant set up and removal is just not an ideal solution for me.

I had been think about designing one that work like a moonroof. Once set up, I can open or close, and decide how much sunlight to let in.

It will no longer be an ALL-OR-NOTHING game!

How we made FullShade?

detail model y-new

fullshade details

model y installation

Installation Steps

model y installation step1model y installation step2installtion model y  step 3

model y installation step1model y installation step1

model y installation step2model y installation step2

installtion model y  step 3installtion model y  step 3

Find both rear white insert boards,turn 90°out and secure them with back screws.

Put the sunshade into the car from the trunk with the side with the white insert facing the rear and facing up.

The rear frame of the sunshade (the side with the white insert) is close to the rear edge of the car glass,and push the white inserts on both sides into between the glass and the ceiling.

OtriFowd Retractable Sunshade for Tesla Model Y (2020-2023)

SKU: B09ZTTH6LLe4t6gfdsdef