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Tesla Introducing New Model Y+ Coming in 2024

Updated: May 24, 2023

Are we looking at the best of Tesla in 2024? Tesla is rumored to have a new Model Y being released in 2024, Model Y+. We could be expecting additional range and the possibility of unlocking range with a 4680 battery.

Tesla Model Y 4680 Battery Cell Breakdown

Tesla’s Model Y+ Coming in 2024

Back in April, it was reported from Bloomberg News that Panasonic intended to spend five billion on EV batteries and software; we can confidently assume that in Kansas a new high-capacity battery for Tesla was built in the process. Why is this important? Tesla’s new Model Y in 2024 is going to have much more range than the current Model Y has now and this will be because of the 4680 batteries.

Panasonic has also used that spending to increase battery energy density by a fifth by 2030. This means getting more battery but in the same amount of space. The increased battery energy could mean a 20% increase in range would mean a 396 mile range for a Model Y in the year 2030, instead of a current 330 miles of range. Although that would be 8 years from now, we are still very optimistic about 2024.

Back in January, Torque News talked about the speculation of the 4680 Battery Cells and what it would mean for Tesla; higher performance, running on less battery for the same range, and lighter Tesla vehicles ( like the Model Y and the Model Y Plaid ). We are now seeing that being produced, GigaFactory Texas is producing vehicles with 2170 cells eventually they will have Tesla’s primary battery source be the 4680 battery.

Tesla’s New Battery

Comparison of the New Telsa Model Y 4680 battery to older verisions of the battery created by Panasonic
Panasonic Battery Comparison

We now see Panasonic not only for the power source of our home electronics but it is now a major battery cell supplier for Tesla. What started out as a small battery manufacturer has turned into the EV space and a top seller in the auto industry.

Tesla and Panasonic have worked together to improve performance and cost; the partnership is now working towards a 20% improvement in energy density in battery cells by the end of the decade.

Panasonic Energy Co, a major Tesla supplier, is working on new technology to increase battery energy density by a fifth by 2030, the Japanese company’s chief technology officer Reuters.

These advances would enable a longer range for existing electric vehicles and lighter and more efficient vehicles with the same range.

The production process currently at the Tesla Kato Road facility has been growing out of the 4680 battery output by 35% month over month. This comes from the Quarter 2 2022 earnings call, the company’s Senior Vice President, Powertrain, and Engineer Drew Baglino spoke of last month.

Baglino has stated that the 4680 battery production has been growing since March of this year due to Tesla’s team fully automating the power conveyance for the dry anode-electrode tool. They have unlocked major increases in production and improvements in industrial products. Tesla’s team has high hopes for the Giga Texas to exceed the Kato Road pilot line’s weekly by the end of this year.

Current Notable Highlights of Tesla’s Model Y

Previously Elon Musk predicted the best-selling vehicle in the world in a few years will be the Model Y. Currently the Model Y is being built in 4 of Tesla’s major factories: Fremont, Giga Texas, Giga Berlin, and Giga Shanghai. According to Torque News, Tesla Model Y has surpassed the Model 3 to become the Best-Selling EV in the world.

* Tesla Gigafactories produce Model 3 electric motors and battery packs, as well as Tesla’s energy storage products. Powerwall and Powerpack. (

Let’s check out the current specs of the Tesla Model Y:

Battery: Long Range Weight: 4,398 lbs

Max Cargo Volume: 76 cu ft Displays: 15” Center Touchscreen

Acceleration: 3.5 s 0-60 mph* Range: 330 miles (EPA est.)

With rollout subtracted

Top Speed: 155 mph Drive: Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive

Seating: Up to 5 Wheels: 21”

Model Y Exterior Paint:

The Future of Model Y

What will 4680 batteries do to the Range in 2024?

The 4680 battery could give the Model Y in Giga Texas close to 400 miles of range right now. The reality is that these batteries at the moment are in scarce supply. It is difficult to know when exactly the 4680 batteries will reach mass production on a large scale. Currently, the production of making them is more seen as a luxury item.

We can expect the Model Y in 2024 to charge much faster than the Model Y of today. This has to do with the v3 supercharger network and upgrades in the batteries of the Model Y.

Range comparison on a charge with the current Models of Tesla: (

Wall Connector Up to 44 miles of range per hour charged

A Wall Connector has the fastest charging speed for your home or office

Mobile Connector Up to 3 miles of range per hour charged

j1772 nema5-15 charging bundle for tesla

Mobile Connectors plug into a standard three-prong. Charging overnight and driving less than 30 to 40 miles per day could help meet your typical charging needs. The adapter bundle is also available, a 240 volt out can supply up to 30 miles of ranger per hour charged.

Supercharger Up to 200 miles in 15 minutes of charge

Use the Tesla app to find stall availability, monitor your charge status, or get an alert when it is ready to go.

Destination Charging Up to 44 miles of range per hour charged

Recharge at popular hotels, restaurants, and resorts.

Tesla's Future

We are excited about the future of the Tesla company, a new battery means a great deal for the future of the Tesla models. The firm relationship between Panasonic and Tesla is a great advancement for the long run not only for Tesla Owners but Stockholders as well. It has been a wait for the new Model Y but it sounds like it will pay off, the mass-market production will take the electric vehicle industry to the next level.

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There going to need the next generation 4680 because according to Munro and some others

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