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Tesla Autopilot: Why It is Still Unrivaled Today

Elon Musk created the idea for Tesla's autopilot system in 2013. The company's owner stated that the autonomous driving system is the best thing in airplanes and should appear in cars. Autopilot was not standard on Tesla vehicles from 2014 to 2016, and had to be purchased as an additional "Technical Package". Autonomous driving was out of the question at that time, the program was focused on performing several independent functions and parking without driver intervention. This article will tell you more about Ilon Musk's revolutionary technology.

Tesla Model 3 Interior

What Tesla Autopilot Can Do

Tesla Autopilot employs the vehicle's cameras, sensors, and systems to maintain speed, avoid collisions with slower-moving vehicles ahead, stay in your lane, and even realign between lanes. Tesla's Autopilot (depending on the version) has several important features, including:

  • Lane centering;

  • Self-parking;

  • Automatic lane change;

  • Semi-autonomous navigation on freeways;

  • Cruise control (taking into account the density and speed of traffic);

  • Calling the car from a parking lot or garage.

Currently, the most recent version of Autopilot can fully control the vehicle in autonomous mode. However, we will discuss this further below.

Advantages Compared Similar Systems

If you look at salvage yards Fort Pierce, you will notice that most Tesla cars sold there have minor damage. You can call it luck, coincidence, or whatever you want, but the fact that Tesla's autopilot saves lives every day is well known. Amazingly, such a young company has managed to develop so many passenger and pedestrian safety solutions. Currently, Tesla's safety systems can compete directly with niche veterans like Volvo. The most significant and possibly decisive difference between Tesla Autopilot and other companies' systems is that Tesla vehicles have REAL autopilot rather than an advanced version of cruise control.

Test Drive Of Bloggers

Not long ago, several bloggers personally tested Tesla Autopilot and were astounded by how it smart is. A car can recognize intersections, read road markings, and see other cars and pedestrians thanks to its feedback system and 360-degree cameras. A set of special sensors protects the electric car from frontal collisions and ensures the driver and passenger's safety. The autopilot regulates speed, navigates to other lanes, and parks. By the way, Tesla's ability to park automatically even in tight spaces distinguishes it from other self-driving cars that require more space.

Vloggers filming in a Tesla Model X

One of the bloggers was very nervous during his first trip, especially when the car encountered difficult road conditions. One such instance occurred when the car was traveling at the legal speed in the city, but the traffic signal began to turn red. Tesla's autopilot decided to begin braking. This maneuver appeared abrupt to the blogger, but he quickly admitted that he would have done the same in this situation. Interestingly, in the second scenario, when the traffic light turned red, the Tesla autopilot on the contrary accelerated a bit to have time to complete the maneuver. But even in this case, the blogger noted that the decision was reasonable and that he would have done the same.

Bloggers also noticed another interesting feature: during the trip with some periodicity there was a requirement of the on-board computer to slightly turn the steering wheel. This is required for the car to recognize that the driver is not distracted and is monitoring the traffic situation.

Hundreds Of Lives Are Saved Every Day

Thousands of videos on the internet demonstrate how Tesla's safety systems respond to sudden changes in traffic conditions, saving hundreds of lives each day. The videos frequently show situations in which the car uses automatic emergency braking to avoid a collision. The majority of Tesla owners may not even notice those circumstances, which are constantly monitored by smart cameras of the electric car.

And just recently, the Tesla Model Y car's autopilot saved the driver's life. The car's owner reported it on his social network X account. On April 1, 2024, Tesla made the Full Self-Driving autopilot feature available in the United States, and the very next day Max Paul Franklin was driving and suddenly felt sick. The driver's insulin pump was broken, so his glucose level spiked. The man decided to enable full autopilot mode. The electric car was able to drive 21 kilometers without the driver's intervention and transported him to the hospital, where it parked itself. The driver said that due to a broken insulin pump, he suffered a mild heart attack, but already feels good. He also expressed gratitude to the head of Tesla Elon Musk.


It is difficult to compare Tesla's autopilot to similar systems because there are currently no real analogs. Xiaomi's recently introduced electric car, the SU7, is also rumored to have an autopilot function, but only in China. We will certainly compare these two systems as soon as the opportunity arises. So for now, we can only fairly compare Tesla Autopilot with its own versions.


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