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China's New Tesla Referral Program Coming Soon to the US?

Updated: May 24, 2023

Tesla has announced the launch of a new referral program in China called Treasure Box. This comes after the cancelation of the popular Loot Box program in 2021.

Tesla owners who refer the product to friends now have the chance to open the Treasure Box and win prizes. This move comes just days after references to a new referral program were found in an updated version of the Tesla app.

When a buyer refers someone to Tesla, they each get 3,500 credits. Additionally, Tesla has a loyalty program that gives 7,000 credits to current owners when they purchase anotherTesla car. @Tesla_Mania, located in China, has posted several videos and screenshots of the Treasure Box on Twitter.

Referral credits can be used to buy Tesla merchandise, like a Cyber Rodeo t-shirt (1,900 credits), Cybertruck socks (1,300 credits), or even a My First Tesla Model Y toy car for your kid (6,000 credits).

The credits can go towards Supercharger miles, and every year there are referral draws with even bigger prizes. Three examples of what you could win are a VIP Tour of Giga Shanghai, a Model 3/Y RWD for 12 months, or Full Self-Driving for 24 months.

Tesla's recent announcement of the Treasure Box comes shortly after they introduced incentives to those who bought the company's insurance, and just a few days before Tesla lowered prices. With China as a primary market for electric vehicles, Tesla is working hard to catch up to leading companies such as BYD Motor and SAIC-GM-Wuling.

The latest Tesla mobile app contains a reference to a potential North American referral program. @TeslaAppUpdates iOS found some interesting code: "Okay one string that may provide some insight referral_share_sheet_refer_text': 'Use my referral link to purchase a Tesla product and get free credits you can redeem for awards like Supercharging miles, merchandise, and accessories.'"

Elon Musk rewards users with cash cards for signing up and more cards for referring new users. This method was translated to Tesla's referral program awarding an estimated eighty yet-to-be-produced Roadsters. The company canceled the program more than a year ago, but if China's Treasure Box is any indication, the program will be back, albeit with smaller rewards.

We'll continue to update this story as new information about Tesla's referral program becomes available. Stay tuned!

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