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Wash Instructions:

Machine Wash Warm; Tumble Dry Medium Heat; No Chlorine Bleach

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Zorbec Machine Washable Trunk Mat for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

Transform your Tesla's trunk into a clean, safe, and stylish space with the Zorbec Machine Washable Trunk Mat. It's more than a mat; it's a statement of care for your car and the environment. Choose Zorbec for a clean trunk and a cleaner planet!

Unmatched Features:

  • Absorbent: The Zorbec Trunk Mat offers unparalleled absorption, ensuring that spills and liquids don't create a mess in your trunk. Whether it's a coffee spill or wet gear, Zorbec handles it effortlessly.

  • Leak Proof: Equipped with a unique silicone backing, the mat guarantees that nothing seeps through. This feature maintains the integrity of your vehicle's trunk carpet, safeguarding it against stains and damage.

  • Machine Washable: Standout feature - the Zorbec Trunk Mat is fully washer and dryer-safe. Unlike traditional mats, it offers hassle-free cleaning. Use it, wash it, and it's ready again - as simple as that.

  • Eco-Friendly & Safe: Designed with the environment in mind, this mat is a sustainable choice compared to rubber mats. It's soft, hypoallergenic, and lint-free, making it safe for all users.

Tailor-Made for Your Tesla

  • Custom Cut: Precision-cut specifically for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, it fits perfectly, without shifting or wrinkling. It lays snugly, complementing your vehicle's aesthetics while offering functional superiority.

Protect and Enhance

  • Your Adventure Companion: Whether it's an outdoor excursion or a city drive, the Zorbec mat keeps your trunk pristine. It's not just a mat; it's a shield against liquids, food, muddy shoes, and more.

  • Easy Maintenance, Repeated Use: The washer and dryer safe feature makes it a breeze to maintain. Say goodbye to germ-laden trunks and hello to a fresh, clean car every time.

Why Zorbec?

  • Lightweight and Flexible: Ditch the heavy, rigid rubber mats. Zorbec offers a lightweight, flexible alternative that's easy to handle and environmentally friendly.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Enhance the look of your Tesla's trunk with a mat that's not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

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