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Transform your Tesla's interior into a dynamic light show with our GBIC Color Changing LED Strip, designed to bring the future of driving ambiance straight into your vehicle.

📲 Intuitive App and Remote Control: Dive into convenience with seamless Bluetooth connectivity that puts the power of light directly in your palm. Whether it's through a smartphone app or a handy remote, you can orchestrate your Tesla's dash light strip to display an array of stunning visuals tailored just for you.

✨ A Spectrum of Possibilities: Our RGB Tesla strip light doesn't just offer a few choices—it opens up a world of 16 million colors. With this vast palette at your fingertips, you can dial in the perfect shade, adjust the intensity to match your mood, and select from a suite of dynamic modes like Flashing, Jump, and Fade. Each setting moves at the pace you choose, making every journey a personalized spectacle.

🎶 Music Sync Functionality: The built-in high sensitivity microphone isn't just for show—it's for an immersive sound-and-light experience. As your Tesla's LED interior lights dance to the rhythm of your favorite tunes or the sound of your voice, say farewell to monotony and hello to a cabin that's alive with energy.

🚘 Simplified Installation: Forget about complex setups. Our Tesla ambient light strip is designed for ease, coming with strong adhesive backing for a secure fit onto or within your dashboard. Just peel, stick, or insert, and you're ready to indulge in mesmerizing lighting. (Please ensure to test the product functionality before installation.)

🎁 The Ultimate Gift for Tesla Enthusiasts: Wrapped in an exquisite gift box, this neon light strip is not just a product—it's a thoughtful present for the Tesla owner in your life. Ideal for jazzing up birthdays, Christmases, or any special occasion, it's a gift that turns any Tesla into a mobile party on wheels.

Elevate your Tesla experience with the GBIC Color Changing LED Strip and let your car's interior reflect your personality, one color at a time.

Tesla Model 3 Model Y Car Neon Lights for Dashboard, APP-Controlled RGB LED Strip Lights

tesla model y accessories 2023

How to use the app to control the neon lights?

Tesla Model 3 Model Y Interior Lights


tesla model 3 accessories 2023

This RGB Tesla car LED light strip comes with Infinitely DIY colors(over 16 million colors)and different mode for selection, which you can customize your own unique color modes to perfect enhancement for upgrading your car.


Tesla model 3 model Y ambient neon light

The led lights for car equipped with a built-in high sensitive mic, it adjusts colors and speed following the ambient music as well as sound. Say goodbye to dreary car trip. Enjoy the fun of light changing with car stereo music and your voice.

tesla model 3 ambient lighting 2023

Interior RGBIC Color Changing LED Strip for Tesla Model 3/Y

SKU: B0CD5NK954e4t6gfdsdef

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