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  • Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

Tesla AC-Tent for Model 3 and Y: Air-Conditioned Camping Reinvented

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The AC-Tent is an innovative camping solution specifically designed for Tesla owners, merging the natural allure of camping with modern conveniences. By seamlessly connecting the tent to your Tesla's tailgate, you can enjoy the vehicle's climate control system in a spacious, stand-alone tent.

  • Comfort: Experience the luxury of Tesla's air conditioning without exhaust smells, while sleeping in a proper bed. The custom-designed AirFlow Collector ensures that cold air flows quickly and effectively into the tent, creating a comfortable environment regardless of weather conditions.

  • Convenience: The AC-Tent's pop-up design eliminates the complex structures and bindings of traditional tents, saving time and effort. It provides space for six, making it perfect for family and friends. It also allows for easy device charging and access to your car's audio system.

  • Privacy: Safety is assured as you can lock the tent securely into your Tesla's trunk. Enjoy peace of mind from unwanted visitors, whether animal or human and additional features like rain protection and insect sealing.

  • Adaptability: The two-in-one design allows the freedom of a standalone tent, letting you adapt to various camping scenarios effortlessly. You can close your trunk whenever needed, ensuring privacy, and enjoy an easy setup and storage system.

  • Sustainability: The AC-Tent focuses on energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. The incorporation of an Airflow Collector enhances the efficiency of your vehicle's air conditioning, reducing power consumption. The tent's versatile design also contributes to energy conservation by minimizing unnecessary power usage.

  • Environmental Commitments: AC-Tent's design aligns with Otrifowd's dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainable development, enabling you to enjoy the outdoors with a conscious choice for sustainability.

The AC-Tent invites you to reimagine the camping experience, unlocking a blend of freedom, comfort, and convenience that brings the joys of outdoor living closer to the ideal experience. By backing this project, you'll be part of a pioneering experience that connects the thrill of sleeping under the stars with the comfort of modern technology, Tesla style.

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