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The Rear Center Garbage Can Bin is a must-have accessory for any Tesla Model Y owner who values cleanliness and organization. This garbage can bin is designed to fit perfectly in the rear center console of the Tesla Model Y, providing a convenient location for disposing of small trash items.


Made from high-quality materials, the garbage can bin is durable and long-lasting. The exterior is made of hard plastic, while the interior is lined with a removable, washable liner to make cleaning up messes a breeze. The bin also features a lid that can be easily opened and closed with one hand, and a locking mechanism to keep the lid securely closed when not in use.


The compact design of this garbage can bin makes it easy to place in the rear center console of the Tesla Model Y, without taking up too much space. It can be easily removed for emptying and cleaning, and then re-inserted back into the console with ease.


The sleek, black design of the garbage can bin also blends in seamlessly with the interior of the Tesla Model Y, making it an attractive and practical addition to any Tesla owner's vehicle. With this garbage can bin, you can keep your Tesla Model Y clean and clutter-free, while also doing your part for the environment by properly disposing of small trash items.

Rear Center Garbage Can Bin Compatible with Tesla Model Y

SKU: B0BM8T1GNRe4t6gfdsdef

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