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Introducing the Tesla Sunglasses Organizer Rubber Box, a practical and stylish accessory to keep your sunglasses safe and organized while driving your Tesla Model 3, Y, S, or X. Made from high-quality rubber, this organizer box fits perfectly in your car's center console and provides a secure storage space for your sunglasses or eyeglasses, preventing them from getting scratched or damaged.


The soft interior lining of the organizer box ensures that your glasses are kept safe from any scratches or dings, while the compact design allows you to store your sunglasses without taking up too much space in your car. The rubber material is durable and easy to clean, making it a perfect addition to any Tesla owner's car.


With its sleek and minimalist design, the Tesla Sunglasses Organizer Rubber Box is a must-have accessory for any Tesla driver who wants to keep their sunglasses or eyeglasses safe and organized while on the road. Get yours today and experience the convenience and practicality of this innovative product.

Tesla Sunglasses Organizer Rubber Box (Model 3/Y/S/X)

SKU: B09VXZDBNNe4t6gfdsdef