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Embrace elegance and utility with our Suede Dashboard Cover, meticulously designed to complement your Tesla Model 3 or Y.

Tailored Exclusively for Tesla: This dashboard cover is not just compatible; it's a custom fit for Tesla Model Y/3, years 2017 through 2023. Crafted with precision, it follows the car's original arc seamlessly and allows full access to all functional ports without any hindrance.

Luxury Material & Finish: Constructed from superior suede material, our dashboard cover presents a flat, low-nap texture that guarantees a minimalistic, low-glare finish. It's an eco-friendly choice that comes without any unpleasant odors, boasting a delicately soft feel for an added touch of luxury to your car's interior.

Protective Use Dynamics: Beyond its sleek appearance, the dashboard cover serves as a shield against the extremes of weather. In the scorching summer heat, it prevents your dashboard from warping or cracking by blocking direct sunlight. During the chilly winter months, it provides a layer of insulation, keeping the dashboard's material from hardening or becoming brittle. Additionally, it mitigates windshield glare, which can be a distraction, thus enhancing your driving safety and comfort.

Installation Made Simple: The non-slip silicone base of our dashboard cover allows for an effortless, secure placement on your dashboard. Designed for convenience, it's an easy-to-use accessory that adds sophistication to your vehicle. If any creases appear due to packaging or transport, a gentle iron on low heat or rolling the cover in the opposite direction will smooth it out for a perfect fit.

The Ideal Gift: Offering both aesthetic appeal and practical use, our Suede Dashboard Cover makes an exceptional gift for Tesla Model 3/Y owners. It's a thoughtful way to show care for both the driver and their vehicle, ensuring the recipient enjoys a pristine dashboard while cruising in style.

Elevate the interior of your Tesla with our Suede Dashboard Cover—where functionality meets luxury, giving you the best of both worlds. 

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As to the big volume for the dashboard cover, so we will send it to you in a folded form. After receiving the item, there will be slight creases. After spreading out, please gently smooth it with your hands and it will slowly disappear!

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1. Reduce windshield glare and ensure your safe driving.

2. Block sunlight from heating the instrument panel, prevent dust accumulation, and improve the air quality inside the car.

model 3 dashboard cover

Please Note:

Due to the large volume of the dashboard cover, we will send it to you in a folded form, so there may be slight creases upon receiving the item.

Please use an iron at a low temperature or reverse the roll and it will be flat again.

Suede Dashboard Cover for Tesla Model 3 and Y

SKU: B0C8B5ZB5Te4t6gfdsdef

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