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Elevate your Tesla Model Y/3's ambiance with our bespoke In-Vent Air Freshener, designed with precision to merge seamlessly with your vehicle's aesthetics and enhance your driving experience with a touch of luxury.

Tailor-Made for Tesla: Engineered to perfection, this air freshener is custom-crafted to fit the front air conditioning vents of your Tesla Model Y/3 like a glove. Constructed from premium alloy materials, it not only delivers a refreshing fragrance but also adds an accent of sophistication to your OEM dashboard.

Subtle Elegance & Longevity: Our non-alcoholic scent cartridges provide a consistent, long-lasting fragrance, free from overpowering alcohol-based odors. With the flexibility to control the intensity, you can create an atmosphere that ranges from a faint, delicate fragrance to a more robust and immersive aroma. The freedom is yours, ensuring your driving environment is always enveloped in a scent that's as subtle or as significant as you desire.

Innovative Back Clip & Magnetic Design: The robust back clip design guarantees that the freshener stays firmly in place, while the magnetic attachments on either side make installation and removal a breeze. This secure mounting system promises that your air freshener will remain fixed, dispersing your chosen scent steadily throughout your drive.

Compact Efficiency: Don't let the size fool you. Our compact air freshener is a powerhouse of freshness that operates discreetly without encroaching on your space. It smartly utilizes the air conditioning vent to distribute the fragrance, maintaining your car's minimalist look and your view unobstructed.

Delightful Fragrance Choices: Accompanying the diffuser are four long-lasting scent sticks, offering a choice between the invigorating zest of Tangerine Cologne and the crisp, aquatic essence of Ocean Breeze. Each carefully formulated stick promises about two weeks of enduring scent, bringing a serene and natural olfactory experience to your daily commute.

A Thoughtful Companion for Your Tesla: Packaged elegantly and designed to integrate flawlessly with your Model Y/3, this air freshener set is not just an accessory—it's an enhancement to your Tesla lifestyle. Plus, with 12 months of dedicated service from COSLAKE, you can rest assured that support is always at hand.

Treat yourself to an olfactory journey that complements the technological marvel you drive. Our In-Vent Air Freshener for Tesla Model Y/3 is more than just a scent diffuser—it's the final touch to a perfected driving experience.

[Car Vent Clip Air Freshener - the fragrance is more durable, and the scent is evenly distributed.]

tesla air freshener

[Invisible and mini to be applied in your car; the moderate size will not block the exhaust port.]

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tesla model y accessoriestesla model y accessories

tesla air freshenertesla air freshener

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[Why do some users find the fragrance weak?]

tesla air freshener model y

When you start using the product, you can smell a clear fragrance, but when you stay in the car for a long time, you can’t. What’s the reason?

1. Mainly because of odor adaptability, the driver and passenger in the car have adapted to its smell.

2. The aroma of plant essential oils is much softer.

[2 * Tangerine Cologne Flavors and 2* Refreshing Ocean Flavors - each fragrance stick lasts about 2 weeks.]

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In Vent Air Freshener in Vent for Tesla Model Y/3

SKU: B0CJ9BJN1Ce4t6gfdsdef

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