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Enhance the functionality and style of your Tesla's interior with this sleek Cup Holder Trash Can – an accessory that's as stylish as it is practical.

Sophisticated Design: Featuring a diamond-cut surface, this trash can exudes elegance with its simple yet fashionable appearance. It's not just a utility item but a chic addition that complements the modern aesthetics of your Tesla's cabin.

Smart Lid Mechanism: The innovative "PUSH" cover design ensures easy access with a one-touch bounce mechanism that opens swiftly and seals automatically. This smart closure method makes discarding trash effortless and helps contain odors.

Eco-Friendly and Robust: Constructed from premium, environmentally conscious plastic, this trash can doesn't just hold waste – it does so responsibly. Its sturdy build and waterproof nature mean it can withstand the rigors of daily use while being easy to clean, ensuring longevity and hygiene.

Versatile Utility: Beyond collecting trash, this compact wonder serves multiple purposes. It seamlessly integrates into the cup holder or door pocket, can grace your desktop, or even act as a convenient ashtray. Its multi-functional design makes it an essential item for not just your Tesla but anywhere you might need it.

Universal Fit: Designed with a compact size to ensure it fits snugly into any standard car cup holder, this trash can is ideal for a variety of vehicle types – whether it be your sleek Tesla, a family SUV, a rugged truck, or your weekend camper.

A Cleaner Drive: With this Cup Holder Trash Can, maintain the pristine condition of your Tesla's interior and enjoy a clutter-free, more enjoyable driving experience. It's a small touch that can make a big difference in keeping your beloved vehicle looking and feeling fabulous.

Cup Holder Trash Can for Tesla

SKU: B09CM42BPFe4t6gfdsdef

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