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5 Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Tesla

In early 2023, Tesla surpassed all rivals to become the most valuable automotive brand in the world. In April 2023, it hit a valuation of $66.2 billion to claim that top honor. Tesla has not had a perfectly smooth road every step of the way to get to where they are now. However, the company has always figured out a way to advance its popularity and profitability.

You are likely very eager to learn about what you can do to get your hands on a Tesla vehicle for yourself. However, before you get too far ahead of yourself, take some time to think about some of the top considerations you should make before purchasing a Tesla of your own.

1) Test Drives Are a Challenge

It is fairly easy to pop into your local dealership and test drive almost any type of vehicle you would like in your area. However, the same is not true of a Tesla vehicle. This brand does not operate massive showrooms with lots full of their vehicles for you to try out. Instead, they have several locations in medium to large cities where you can get your chance to try one out. However, those locations may be dozens or even hundreds of miles away from you. Be mindful of that as you contemplate if this is the right vehicle for you. Some people like to get their hands on something and try it out before they commit to it. That will be a serious challenge for you if you insist on getting a Tesla.

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2) Your Savings Can Be Significant Year to Year

People often say that they intend to purchase a Tesla to save money on gasoline and other costs. However, you might have paused to ask yourself if it truly saves you money to operate a Tesla vehicle compared to other options on the market. EnergySage reports that it is more cost-effective to operate a Tesla than it is to operate a gas-powered vehicle:

If you calculate the average of all Tesla models, it costs $614.95 to charge per year. Comparable gas-powered cars cost an average of $1,850.42 to fuel per year. So, Teslas cost approximately $1,235 less to drive each year than gas vehicles.

Those are real savings that you can pocket year in and year out. If you intend to own your Tesla vehicle for a significant number of years, then you can potentially recoup every extra dollar that you spend on it compared to another type of vehicle. The data came by using the AAA average gas price against the cost of electricity as shown by EIA data.

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3) Prepare for Higher Insurance Costs

You will save money on gasoline when driving a Tesla vehicle. However, your insurance rates are likely to be higher when driving a Tesla compared to other vehicles. reports that much of this comes down to the complexity of the components that make up a Tesla in the first place. Insurance companies must charge higher premiums for the policies that they create for Tesla drivers as a result.

Keep your driving record clean and you can attain a reasonable insurance cost for yourself. Insurance companies will lower your rates if you prove to them that you are a safe and responsible driver. As long as you can do that, you are going to be in good shape.

4) The Central Touchscreen Controls Many Elements of Your Tesla

You will soon find that your Tesla can be operated primarily via the central touchscreen on your vehicle. Many current Tesla owners report that they can control virtually every aspect of their vehicle via either the touchscreen or the scroll wheels built into the steering wheel. The scroll wheels are used to move up and down on the touchscreen even when you don't necessarily have a free hand to press the controls on the touchscreen.

This design is by choice. The purpose is to help owners create the exact combination of settings that they want on their Tesla. When they hit that exact setup, they will appreciate what their vehicle is providing to them even more than they might have otherwise. The touchscreen is user-friendly and features a huge number of entertainment options to select from.

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5) Tesla Supercharger Stations Are Far Ahead of Other Companies

Tesla had a lot of insight when it began to create its supercharger stations in 2012. They were ahead of the curve in terms of providing charging stations to their users almost no matter where they live. Currently, Tesla stations can be found in the Lower 48 US states. Anyone who drives a Tesla vehicle can rest assured that they can find the charging station that they require to stay on the road. They have built enough of these stations that you won't have to wait in long lines or worry about a slow charging station causing you to get stuck while you are attempting to travel.

Teslas are the best option for traveling long distances in an electric vehicle in the United States. It isn't even a close contest at the moment. Therefore, if you are ready to get serious about traveling in an electric vehicle over long distances, then you understand the importance of securing your own Tesla vehicle today.

It is undoubtedly the case that you are eager to purchase a Tesla vehicle for yourself. Now, you know a little more about these vehicles and how they operate. You should draw up a list of pros and cons for yourself to determine if you would like to proceed with purchasing one for yourself. For many people, it has proven to be worth it, but you want to consider your circumstances before proceeding. Take everything you have learned here into consideration. Decide if you will place your order or not. If you do, understand that you will need to wait patiently until you can receive your vehicle. It will be worth the wait.


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