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Unique Tesla Features: 10 Advantages Setting It Apart from Other EVs

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

There are now so many EVs available to purchase, and competition against Tesla is getting stronger each year. But with 65% of EV Sales in the US, Tesla is STILL dominating the market. So today, for those of you who are shopping for a new EV, we'll share 10 HUGE Tesla Features that you won't find in any other EV. Let's get right into it.

1. Supercharger Network

Tesla Supercharger Map

Let's start with one of Tesla's most vital features, its Supercharger Network. The Tesla Supercharger network has several advantages contributing to its reputation as one of the leading charging infrastructures. First, Tesla has invested significantly in expanding its Supercharger network, resulting in widespread coverage across many regions; it currently has over 45,000 globally, which can get you up to 200 miles in just 15 minutes.

They're also easy to use; just back your car in and plug it in; there are no buttons to press, no cards to swipe, and no apps to use, making charging fast and convenient. Tesla vehicles also have integrated Supercharger station information into their navigation systems, which can plan routes that incorporate Supercharger stops, providing real-time guidance to the nearest Supercharger and estimating charging durations, making long-distance travel more convenient.

Teslas charging infrastructure is so good that recently, Ford and GM announced that starting in 2024, they will be using Tesla's charging technology in all of their electric vehicles, bringing it closer to being the US standard. Mike Seuss did a whole video on Tesla Superchargers; if you are interested, you can check it out below.

2. Tesla App

Tesla App featured in YouTube Video

On to one of my favorite features, the Tesla App; now, before I explain, Yes, Every EV has a mobile app of some sort, and the features of these apps usually let you do things like view the cars battery level and control things like unlocking and opening doors, flashing the lights, beeping the horn, and managing the climate, which is great. Still, the Tesla app goes so much further.

You can not only use it as your car key to open and start the car just by being near it, but you can also control it from miles away; from the app, you can limit the cars speed, enable valet mode, install software updates to your car and even add upgrades to your vehicle with the tap of a button.

But one of my favorite features is you can schedule and chat with a service advisor in real time within minutes. The cool part about this is if you have a problem, the service advisor can diagnose your car and fix issues without you having to leave your couch.

There are two more insane features I want to show you, summoning, which we'll tell you about in Feature #4, and Live Sentry Mode, which we'll tell you about in the next Tesla Feature.

3. Sentry Mode

Viewing Tesla Sentry Mode

Sentry Mode allows your Tesla to monitor its surroundings using some of its nine cameras to record any activity near the car. When enabled, the Tesla will flash its headlights and show a visible warning on its large touch screen while recording any suspicious activity or incidents near the vehicle while it is parked; At the same time, it will immediately notify the owner through the app. Once you get in the car, it will immediately tell you about any activity and allow you to view the recorded footage instantly, with a timestamp where any movement has been detected.

But what's even more remarkable is Live Sentry Mode, which lets you access The Teslas cameras, including the interior camera live, through the app, from anywhere in the world, but it doesn't stop there; Teslas come equipped with an exterior speaker, and because of that, you can talk through the app to the Teslas speaker, instantly, and again from anywhere in the world, which is great to scare off intruders or even to play pranks on random strangers.

4. Entertainment

Teslas Streaming Services

When it comes to in-car entertainment, no other EV can match the large number of entertainment options that come stock in a Tesla. Most people spend more time in their cars than you think, and when owing an EV, you'll be spending even more time in your car if you plan on stopping at a supercharger to kill time, in addition to music services like Spotify and Apple music, you'll have access to streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and even Twitch and TikTok.

You also have a wide variety of games, which can be played with the touch screen, a game controller, or even the steering wheel. If you get a new Model S or X, you'll have access to Steam, which lets you play next gen triple-A games like Cyberpunk, Call of Duty, and more. You'll also have access to a full web browser. You can even make Zoom calls using the interior camera. Taking a family road trip? There's Careoke. Tailgating at the game? You can use the exterior speaker to start a parking lot party. Into music? There is a fully featured music production app. Theres even fun little gags like turning the seats into whoopie cushions and turning your touchscreen into a fireplace. And what's great is with software updates, new games, apps, and features are constantly coming in hot, which brings us to the next feature.

5. Over-the-Air Updates

Tesla Software Update Installing

Tesla was one of the first manufacturers to introduce frequent over-the-air software updates for their vehicles, delivering new features and bug fixes without the need for a physical visit to a service center; some EVs do get some updates; however, in a Tesla, you can get performance updates as well. For example, when I first got my Tesla, it came with a specific horsepower number, and with a software update, it increased the horsepower within minutes; this is big because Car manufacturers usually update their car models every four years, adding performance improvements and other features. With a Tesla, you don't need to wait.

6. Safety

Tesla Crash Safety Rating

When it comes to Safety, Teslas cars have become the safest commercial car in the world. Tesla cars received 5-star ratings in every category from the national highway traffic safety administration AND the Insurance Institution for highway safety.

How? One of the main reasons is Teslas have no engine in the front, meaning the steel and aluminum will absorb most of the impact before it's transmitted to the driver and passenger. Teslas have a low center of gravity due to their battery being located on the bottom of the car, weighing it down and preventing the vehicle from rolling over, giving it a rollover risk of only 8% which is the lowest of any SUV ever built. The roof can withstand six times its weight, that's over 20,00 pounds or equivalent to 5 models 3s, making it the most durable roof on any commercial production car ever. And lastly, Teslas have a total of 8 cameras, which act as an extra set of eyes and can detect cars, objects, and even pedestrians, looking out for hazards on the road as you drive and can have the car act upon these hazards to by either breaking the car or having it maneuver it out of the way to prevent accidents.

These are just a few features; if you're interested in more details, check out Mike Seuss' video on how Tesla makes the safest cars in the world.

7. Full Self Driving

Tesla Full Self Driving

We all know that Teslas are equipped with an autopilot feature that combines several sensors, cameras, and radar technology with advanced software algorithms to enable it to navigate and control its movement on the road. It primarily focuses on tasks like adaptive cruise control, which automatically adjusts the vehicle's speed to maintain a safe distance from the car ahead; it also includes lane centering and utilizes computer vision algorithms to detect and interpret road markings, signs, traffic lights, and other vehicles.

This is nothing new, as many EVs and gas-powered cars also have these features. However, what puts Tesla above the rest is its Full Self Driving capabilities, which can autonomously navigate on highways, including lane changes, the on-ramp to off-ramp transitions, and taking exits. It can also recognize and respond to traffic lights and stop signs, come to a complete stop when required, and even park itself. My favorite feature is Auto Summon, which lets your Tesla drive itself short distances to your location in parking lots, pulling into or out of parking spaces autonomously. You can check Mike Seuss' YouTube Video on Full Self Driving.

8. Mobile Service

Tesla Mobile Service Advisor

Unlike other EVs or any other car in general, if you have a problem with your Tesla, a service advisor can diagnose your vehicle remotely and fix any software-related issues.

Suppose it is a hardware issue. In that case, a Tesla service advisor will come to your home to do any work necessary while you're home or away. I had an issue with one of my cameras failing, so I opened up the app and reported the problem; a service advisor responded immediately via live chat and scheduled to come to my house the next day. The tech arrived, removed, and replaced the camera, and that was it; it took less than 30 minutes and was all under warranty.

A few months later, I needed to have my tires replaced. Again a Tech was sent to my house with four new tires; he replaced, balanced, and mounted them while my car was parked in my garage.

I had two services done without leaving my house or parting with my car. This also goes for roadside service; if you ever have an issue on the road, you can contact the roadside through the app, and roadside assistance will arrive to fix any problems on the spot if possible. I don't think we need to say anymore.

9. Bioweapon Defense Mode

Tesla Bioweapon Defense Mode

New Teslas come with a feature called "Bioweapon Defense Mode," which utilizes a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system to provide a high level of air quality within the cabin, protecting occupants from harmful pollutants and even biological threats. The system can strip the outside air of pollen, bacteria, and pollution before they enter the cabin and systematically scrub the air inside the cabin to eliminate any trace of these particles. The result is a filtration system hundreds of times more efficient than standard automotive filters, capable of providing the driver and their passengers with the best possible cabin air quality no matter what is happening in the environment around them.

10. Dog Mode

Tesla Dog Mode Notification Screen

For all dog owners, Tesla comes equipped with Dog Mode, which lets you leave your pet in the car temporarily while keeping them at a safe temperature by allowing you to set the temperature in the car just like you'd set it at home. The car will keep the interior of the vehicle at that temperature until you return. It doesn't matter whether the cabin needs to be heated or cooled; the car will control the HVAC to keep the vehicle at the selected temperature. At the same time, the Tesla will display a current temperature and a message letting bystanders know that your pet is safe inside the car and you will be returning soon.

By the way, Mike Seuss made a whole YouTube video on Teslas Dog Mode; check it out below. Some other EVs allow you to turn on the HVAC system remotely. Still, they will only stay on for a short period and will not be able to show bystanders a message letting them know your pet is safe.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, 10 Features and Advantages Teslas have that you won't find in any other EV (for now). What do you think of these features? And is there anything else you'd like to see in the future? Let us know in the comments. Also, if this article helped you decide to buy a Tesla, make sure you use our Referral code: michael98964, during your purchase to receive credits to redeem for Supercharging miles and other exclusive awards. After you buy your Tesla, make sure to get some Essential Tesla Accessories right here at


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